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Is that a fairly thick inter tube you are getting pieces from?

Nii Tettey

If you press that ribbon for long it’s gonna burn you,be careful you don’t press the IC area for too long

Sassy Frassy

I used a bicycle inner tube and managed to work a few layers under the ribbons. So far so good! Mine is a bit different. It has 2 ribbons across the top and 4 little copper tabs coming off the tv screen on the left side of the tv. I hope just putting the shims at the top work. I don't see any place to shims on the left side would do any good. If it starts acting up again, may have to tape those tabs down.


A lot of these TV set are built very cheap look at black Friday sales when you can buy a huge TV for half the price, sounds good but it ain't

Sassy Frassy

I just watched several other how to videos and this is the one that appears to be the best solution. 2 I watched were complete fails! Thanks for sharing this! I am going to try this fix!

Sassy Frassy
I have a sanyo 32" that has been going wacky. Mine is about 9 or 10 yrs old. Sometimes the screen goes black, or it will get those colorful lines through it and at the same time the audio sounds like a broken record (remember that term?), then the screen goes completely black, no audio, but the on/off light stays on. Sometimes it starts playing again, sometimes it doesn't and I'll have to turn it off, then back on.......and at times have to let it stay off awhile. But all the while, if I don't pause my roku, the video… Read more »

Bonjour j'ai un plat sannyo avait problème alimentations quand-même la toucher bouton de power lamp témoignent a declacé de faire vert et retourne rouge mais l'écran affiche pas

celiactrunc celiactrunc

Does the trick work for Vizio TV ?


Thank you very much for the video, I managed to fix a Samsung HDTV with your method.

Naresh Patil

my Lg led model no is 32LB550A , vertical lines are shown in to the display so can I refer this procedure give me ur reply

May Marsters

That's a nice job u done it u have any more post then I love technology

Radha Palanikumar

My children throw the ball in to Lct tv it can repair pls reply me

Md. Raton Miah

please help me my tv 46'' same problem

Reynolds Colon

I have a RCA TV 46LA45RQ and has horizontal lines going through about half of it do you know possible a cheap fix

caude tuyisenge02

thanks so much to your help full now my TV it s ok

j par

If pushing down on the strip fixes problem, why not place something on top of strip, then apply duck tape across the top?

lee ching si

CRT tvs 1000 times better than this fancy led tvs

Ken Dan Tinio

haha great help! i was about to buy a new one


i have the same one is there ribbons on the side i have a black bar going across the bottom from right to left

Ray Andrew

Great vid, thanks for sharing..................

Oilsmoke Jones

ribbon connectors are always suspect...hit them with contact cleaner and if they have plugs disconnect and reconnect a few times...

ronda sample

Please can any one help me. I tried this method to repair my sanyo DP42849. MY SCREEN IS BLACK NOW. I HAVE SOUND BUT NOT PICTURE. SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND. THANKS

ተሰፋ አትቁረጥ

Please i need your help i have a new Samsung smart tv the screen is cracked


Great video buddy, I will try that on my Samsung Smart TV.


wow, that's smart! Just curious, what is that happens over time that causes the ribbons to fail in that manner?

supar Redom Redom

ji sir Mera LED TV Upar Se Neeche lekin Beech Mein Aa Raha Hai Lekin photo aa raha hai dhundla dhundla please sir Uske baare mein Jankari aur upay Bataye common mein