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Sophisticated Neanderthal

JD: Curious as why u chose the A7R III over the A7 III? Was it for the extra MPs for stills? Or do you prefer it for video also?

Aaron Davis

What he monitor is that ? And can it fit on the Nikon 3400

Kim Jong Un

I just realized thats the same guy who banged you
crazy i found this channel

Kieran Nattrass

can you make your own youtube channel so i can just watch all your videos

Wade Harro

Ugh your an awesome bloke... now i cant fap to your missus coz it would be like dogging the boys. sad face haha

Diederich Declercq
Hi, i always find it complex. There's never just "the" lens. You have so many lenses on the market, i bought a lot and sold a lot, and always you come in a situation where you think, damn that lens would have been great here. Adapters like that wide view one, are cheaper, lighter and easier to carry. Love your gear, and yes, there are a few 3some videos on ****hub that i really like. So keep up the good work, and I don't mind seeing you on the vlog, although I confess I like to see Bryci 😍 😉.… Read more »

Always wanted to know what you used to record POV. Love you guys. Keep up the good work.