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Can you send me the link for this camera and for the lens? would be very nice!

LG, Jacob

ant billionz

on the 60 d all you had to do was set the f. stop to 20 and use manual focus and everything would stay in focus even at over 50 feet .

ashwini agrawal

"Technologymafia" i have h sony6000...and the problem is that when i am taking photo of people so skin tone is not looking good...it look like warm...pls help how can i take original skin tone picture...

Imran Khan

Brother, the place where you were riding bicycle was awesome. So Beautiful. Beside that i am confuse that which camera should i buy, i have two option one is Nikon D3400 or Nikon 1 J5. Please help me by uploading a video.

Kp Sharma

hey bro
which of the 2 cameras do you think is better for travel pictures

Tara Ozekin

Can you control the speed of the focus change?


is there anywhere online where i can learn how to use my sony.

mohit gupta

Great video sir. Can you please Tell all the video recording setting of your Sony please because I am getting lots of shake with ym recordings.

Syed Aswad

I think sony is the best between this two camera for recording real life video


What was closer to the actual color of your shirt?..

Grizz Lee Bear

What settings were these on ? I currently have mine a 24fps 1/50-1/60 and on portrait? Would standard be better for vlogging?

Ed Waggoner Sr.

Why up the volume for the music?  Heck, why use music at all?  Good info though.


No hablo inglés pero me convenciste de comprarla. Thanks!

Hussain Syed

Thanks bro...I have recently purchased Sony 6000 but not yet used...thanks for the video... really satisfied...

Эдгар Леонидович

Sony magenta on the face...


Seems biased towards the A6000. Terrible shots with the 60D and terrible white balance / exposure. Then you post a bunch of perfect clips with the A6000 and no good ones with the 60D when i've seen plenty of good 60D videos.


How long does the sony video last without the sensor warming up?

Asa's Awesome Adventures

Thanks for sharing! I knew i needed a sony for video this just confirmed it thanks so much!

Muhammad Yusuf Hanifan

Thank you for the review, but I think a6000 in video darker than 60d


3:16 ..." and have good accuracy when driving" lol


This is a great video. I recently looked at one of these Sony's.

Fer Mil

This guy just can't put best settings on that canon.

Fer Mil

Its more about how you put settings on your gun

Karuna Sharma

plz clear my doubt which one is better Sony alpha5100L or Nikon D53300?


tbh I always loved canon but this video has made me think about purchasing a sony in the future really good video the sonys quality is really good and the music that you put on the video test is really good also thanks great test