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Jeff Brand

I know this is an older video, but what SD card would you recommend for shooting 60FPS 1080P on the Sony A6000?


Too much blah blah blah information on items inside box, took up almost half the time.
I was looking for information on the battery, how to load, and do I need to charge first, none was given!
On to someone else!

PocksTech Rv

does this camera works with photography and videography?

alexzandra lee

Does this cameras screen flip forward for vlogging purposes? And does it record video for vlogging?

Julie Ann Solayao

Hi. Just wanted to ask if I have to charge the battery right after buying the camera?

RedShirt RedShirt

Very much like your videos. Clean, to the point, shows close up and clearly what you are talking about. Your economic use of words and the absence of loud, distracting music will keep me watching for a long time. Special thanks for the review of the Sony a6000. Needed a really small walk around for "Street" and your review did it. An a6000 now lives in my pocket.


bro which camera is best Sony, canon or Nikon

Rohit Gupta

Thanks for this video. I would like to ask a few questions.
Is it worthy to buy this camera now pr should we go for higher models?
please post a full review too!

athrile sangtam

Hello sir to u sell used Dslr and leans

Coffee House Media

Does this Sony overheat and shut down like the Sony a5600