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Allen Schneider

When you get your initial exposure will the exposure meter at the bottom of the screen give you a number for over or under exposure, or do you simply have to judge from the brightness on the screen?

Howard Davidson

Extremely well explained video.So many aren’t.They are presented by people that are full of unlistenable hype and bluster.I enjoy listening to your videos, thanks Mark...

Matthew Landon

Really appreciate the thoroughness of this, Mark. Thank you for putt it together.

Steven Kelly

New to the Alpha range with a A6300; these tutorials are fantastic...many thanks for this

John Walsh

Why can I seemingly only use exposure compensation on AUTO ISO? It doesnt do anything when I set my iso manually (which is what I'm used to)


Thank you for this tutorial. I‘ve always wanted to know more about metering modes

Mark Kidsley

whats the advantages of exposure comp vs just lowering / raising shutter / fstop

shake jones

great video mate! well done!!! Thank you.


Where is Face priority in multimeter in a7RII?


Question on Highlight metering mode please: In this mode, does the camera adjust the setting so that the brightest spot of the photo is reflected at the right most histogram? Is this similar to ETTR?

Jack Dwiggins

best sony alpha camera youtuber, thank you so much mark.


Very helpful channel! Thanks a lot for all the informations!

Peter Kline

I notice in some of your illustrations that when you use the ev comp you are showing auto ISO. I would have thought that auto ISO would have automatically compensated for the adjusted ev, and therefore negated the ev adjustment, is this not the case?

Krzysiu Orłowski

You are awesome ! Thanks for this Focus Spot Link !!!

Stephen Soukup

AMAZING video as always Mark. Your vids are TOP NOTCH and well worth watching. I alwats learn something new or some good info even though Ive been shooting for over 25 years. Keep up the GREAT WORK you do with all your educational series. More more more Mark Galer please! 🙂 Sony cameras rock! I love all of mine. Cheers

Y. Evgin

Thank you very much.
Excellent explanation.
As usual...

Amit Krupal

Is there any way to set metering mode to ambient only. I was watching Robert Hall video which discusses the problem of how "Live view setting effect" stays off whenever a trigger/flash is attached to camera. One comment suggests to set metering mode to ambient metering only.


Where has this video been this past year!? Wow. That was great. Definitely one subject I've been struggling with.

Mike Potter

Great video, answered several pressing questions I had. Thank you!

Jun Liang

Great content! One question: When I shoot A7III in manual mode, the exposure metering only shows from -2 to +2, outside that range is greyed out. So I do not know exactly it's -3, -4 or -5. Is there a setting I didn't do right. Thank in advance.

Duncan M Wilmot

This video primarily features, focus's on the Sony Alpha 'Mirrorless' series of cameras, such techniques can also apply to the Sony Alpha 'DSLR' series?


I just bought an A7R3 coming from other brands and this channel is like wikipedia for me. Amazing content, great presenter, wonderful photograph. Thanks a lot M. Mark Galer for sharing. Greetings from France!

Pema Tamang

Is it focus point need to uses inside round gray spot metering point?


Thanks. I bought the a6400 after my a6300 died again. I was wondering about the changes.

Thank you for your ebooks and videos. I have a question about the metering for highlight. Should the focus point be on the highlight? I've tried the highlight metering when photographing white Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets. Even on overcast days or in the morning, the light is often quite bright causing the white bird in/near a creek or lagoon to be over-exposed. The highlight metering doesn't seem to help this problem. Exposure compensation seems to be better in helping avoid over-exposure of the white bird, but I'm wondering if there's a trick to the highlight metering that I'm missing?… Read more »
Joaquin Ruiz

Excellent material. And I think its relevance goes beyond the Sony Alpha world. You are an incredible teacher. I consider myself an advanced photographer and I have learned a couple of interesting things regarding the exposure mechaniscs of Sony A7III. Well doen and thank you very much

TravelGuru Ashish

simple and crisp information. Thanks Mark

Kenneth Dillard

Apologies, but I need clarification. Are metering modes not available when shooting manual?

Steve Loudon

Terrific video but I do have a question. If you're changing the exposure compensation let's say one stop why can't you just do that in post-production? Because when you increase the exposure in post by one stop it's the same thing as doing it in the camera as I understand it. Thank you very much for your time


For digitalizing slides ( Photographing a slide with an 7 R III instead of using a scanner ) what Light metering and what creative mode would be best ?


It is a beautiful video but god thanks youtube for option to speed up)

juna wood

Nice video, but a bit long for me. I prefer 5-10 minute versions. But that is not always possible i guess... 🙂