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@XxHardcorexxGamerxX I upload all at 720P as 1080 files are too big. With some camera tests I do link to the 1080 version on my SmugMug but not with this one.

Richard Bell

@hddr3 It doesn't have a translucent sensor it has a translucent mirror


@arrow1archer I know longer have it, but out of this and the D3100 it is difficult to choose.

George Gammage

i might get this

went to john lewis and the helpful man suggested this over the nikon d3100 and after seeing the review you did it seems like a great choice

do you still use this SLR


the mic is pretty bad but quality is ok and good for the money since it has a gps


@davomrmac In the way their DSLR's are shit!


@cruix777 Very good for video, one of the better cameras. If your main interest is video then a camcorder might suit better.


@uhhYeahEvan I normally remove the memory card, then put in my computer reader and drag across.

Richard Bell

@davomrmac The Rode video mic is an amazing piece of kit, I am in Australia and they cost $175.00 and that includes rubber shock mount.


If this records in 1980×1080, why did you upload it at 720p?? :-S


@davomrmac since it has the translucent sensor, recording for more than 10min, the camera will get heated up a bit


@RienVesseur Good point. Thanks for adding this.

Marinus Vesseur

I am looking forward to owning this beauty, but I wish there was a way to avoid the horrible clipping of the brighter areas. The chain in the video shows it and also the anchor. Immediately gives away that we're dealing with cheaper digital video. I would generally prefer to record a darker video and turn up the brightness of the screen.


@Mikenopolis Great comment, thanks for adding this.


@mYOzZyKaT @macluvr6 Canon and Nikon lovers seem to see the words Sony dSLR & dSLT and automatically dismiss it before reading into the specs or trying the product. Sony may be a new comer to dSLR but don't forget they got into the market after buying Minolta which was founded in 1928, (Canon 1937, Nikon 1917) so Sony's not really that new. Also they use Carl Zeiss lens (if you have the $) who made great lens since 1847. the a33 & a55 are great innovations. Plastic body does suck though


Ok, so how would you focus and zoom without changing position? I have an old SLR and the lenses can simply be pulled too zoom out/pushed to zoom in, while they have focus rings aswell (I'm sure you must be familiar with this). Apparently the standard has changed, or I was never aware of the other standard.

Thanks again...


Rotate, one ring for zoom, second ring for focus. Same on all lenses for this.


Hi Dave — I really need to know this; do you rotate or push/pull to zoom with this camera? And if so, how would you manually zoom+focus at the same time. If it's rotate+rotate that just seems idiotic to me and ruins the camera for me — because how would you do that with only one hand on the lens? — Or maybe it's down to which lens you buy? Sorry for my perhaps stupid question. Thanks!


24fps is really only good because you're use to see it in movies, the primary reason it's so widespread is due to an equipment standard in cinema's — it has just become the standard, but not for any particularly good reason. It's a religious thing... If you want 24fps, use your editing program to do so. I promise you won't be able to notice any image stutter. Personally I'd say as many fps as possible — 50/60 for inst. (camcorder standard) basicly enables slowmo, since you can just cut it in half


why would you buy a video dslr that doesn't shoot 24p?

(or 25p if you are in europe)

Sam Chatterjee

I had such a problem choosing between the a55, Canon 600D (t3i) and the Nikon D5100. After all my research, etc i ended up going with the 600D purely because i would be using it for movies a lot as well as photos and there was a pretty sweet deal at a store close by. Didnt go with the a55 purely because of it not being a true DSLR and personally am not that into the whole concept of the electronic viewfinder. for photography primarily between the Canon and Nikon, I would suggest Nikon 🙂


@paulgrb 60i for north america and 50i for europe

xLRDx's Gaming Channel

How well does this do with macro photography


That is the issue, smooth zoom in video is hard.


@RedroomStudios Well said, thanks for your comment.


@davomrmac you gotta love those camera purists... cant take a little competition. My main complaint with this range of SONY product is that my previous 2 cameras got sand in the shutter release and some of the other controls. I'd like to see a more weather proof and tougher build to their cameras in this price range.


I am a veteran SONY user, have owned the A100 previously and have A550 now. The video option and sweep panorama feature are the big draws for me to consider getting this cam. As someone who has never really shot video before I am curious about how much memory it eats up? For example how much video would fit on a 8Gb card in the various recording modes?


@jwweekly I really am not an expert about cameras but the canon t2i is a very nice camera and i think you should get it over this. this camera has a lot of unique features such as the transclusent mirror technology and that it allows 10 fps. that is very usefull

Drake Heth

@urt200123 yeah I got to agree with @davomrmac sony is not crap i have had their cameras for years and even my point and shoot greats almost the exact same quality of a canon t2i so it doesn't matter what camera it is but the user and quit frankly sony does have better build quality than these dedicated camera companies.


Alright, Can anyone give me a solid reson not to buy this camera for 850 dollars. The Lenes are cheaper to buy then the canon (which is my other choice T2i or T3i) I am a point and shoot upgrader looking for the most camera under $1000's. I am not a pro just for kids and vactions