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Alexander Hansen

What a “shattering” discovery... I’ll show myself out

Pumpkin NoLastName

Record smash
Freeze frame
Youre probably wondering how i got here

matias quizhpe van pelt

Literally spinning records ©

Utkarsh Aryan

In a few years gav's backyard would look like fallout

Isaac - Lizard king

I love how they sound like they're from bbc or top gear

Titan Bib

When the olden times need a new guillotine... talk to the SLO MO BROS!😂 (Srsly though... dont get decapitated by this thing)


Me : sees the record break
Also me : slows video down to 0.25 to get it even better

If ur subscribed T-series Ur not human


“This is lethal”😂😂😂

alex robertson

Take it up to like ¾ speed and shoot it with an air rifle.

Samuel Taylor

6:21 and you got your self a side ways thumbnail

Hdjdjd Bdhdjdj

New military wepon record on a rotation rod

Mr.Skinny***** ccwf

I bet everyone with epilepsy is dancing in the floor right now


So breaking at somewhere around 9500rpm. the rim of the record would be travelling at over 300 miles per hour. Insane.

Oi You There

Why Don’t They Use Old Hoovers And Records In The Military


Build a giant body shield and the front has 20 of these spinning and busting so you can use it as a weapon.

kitty katarina :3

it can be destructive but beautiful at the same time

some hole - deaf

me: dad what are you doing in our backyard
dad: oh im just making some disks spin at like 12,500 fps
me: ok