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My Vape Gadget

I found it on Bastaprice for US citizens.

Zayd Ghazzawi

I am not "very very upset" that the US can't purchase this phone. It might have a great camera but your review basically said everything else is average or subpar. Additionally, I'm uncomfortable with my own government watching what I do on my phone let alone a foreign country. I see a lot of reviewers griping about not being able to solicit Huawei but most of you scath over the fact that they have been proven to observe your data and info.

Shailesh Kumar

Idk why buy I kinda liked it. Felt natural.


7:07 Because to turn the flashlight on you need to swipe from the bottom...

Freddy Sumartono

Poor american. Huawei is no 2 in the world without sales in US

Greg D

This is so badly done The Verge should be worried about a law suit... almost seems intentional.


Nah, the Xperia 1 will be the game changer with Alpha cameras!


Damm... Most of the comments bashing the audio quality...

I actually like it my personal opinion 👌👌

Sakun Panthi

But can it zoom enough to see the blackhole that was recently photographed by EHT telescope?


You can buy these on Amazon and they work on GSM networks in the US. Ya you can't buy it through the carrier but doesn't mean you can't buy it

KaMing Yip

Sorry can’t watch...the audio is too bad

Danijel Romanic

No 4K/60 yet so much praise for the cameras? Pathetic!

The Verge

What do you think about the P30 Pro camera?

Jeno Nagy

Just got the phone last week. To be honest as a camera is very disappointing.
If you own a Pixel 2 or Pixel 3. Don't even think about it is rubbish. Bad color science, overexposed pictures with clipped highlights, bad dinamic range, digitally overstated pictures.
Extremely poor skin tones colors.
Only positive is the extremely good lowlight polerformance and the zoom. Everything else is very very disappointing.

Carol Chou

so, there won't be too many peeping Toms in the US.

George Thomas Stevenson

A lot of the software issues aren't really issues... maybe spend 20 minutes in the settings and toggle or switch the settings to how you prefer it. Seems like the reviewer didn't make any effort to check out what can and can't be done

C.O .H

0:06 This does not make me mad. It makes me more than happy.

Shubham Singh

Why does he look like he is promoting iPhone XS with his hairstyle.

M. Fletch

Lousy audio... NEXT!!!
It's too bad, I wanted to hear what he was trying to say.

Cyril Diaz

Why the manufacturer are ao focus on camera like they will superb camera... i care about super ai tool phone. As in helpling me thru machine learning with help of machine vision on camera.


caaaan yooooooou speeeeeeak aaaa littttle biiitttt cleeearerrrr pleeeease? Thaaaank youuuuu

TheGaming Wolf Explorer

Can't u just buy it on eBay or Amazon?