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Jon Pounds

I really like IceCream. What do you use for video editing?

martybg0902 milenmartyn02

cam studio didnt gave me a virus

Chris Anonymous

i thank all of you people. i was going to download camstudio but then i decided...something doesnt feel right look at the comments half way through the download it finishes delete it and everything it came with! thanks everybody. I just got this computer and it cost 300$ so i love you all for saving me the money since im 15 and dont have a job!

Squeaky Clean

it's a virus bu they is a bilt in one snap it

Lexiin Gaming

Why give a virus? is that all u can do? Wow sad life u have mr

Darkwoolf vooncoops Van Coops

thank you so much! i googled what free apps that you can use for your computer for so long!i wanted to be a youtuber for my whole life. you should check out m best friend's channel. name: dogwolf309

Wolf Tides

Hey I know this was made like a really long time ago but if anyone sees this i just want them to know that this comment section was extremely helpful because I was about to download the recording device that had the virus but because of these comments I didn't. Just wanted you guys to know thank you and hop someone sees this

Zakir Jaufer

Try screencast-o-matic it is completely free and there is a pro version if you want to upgrade.


xD just use obs its free and prob the best one i used camtasia bandicam pro filmora scrn and obs is the best

euxii michaels

Please don't download CamStudio! It has a virus and malware.

N x E

Thanks you got me a virus I appreciate it now my gaming computer it’s worth nothing


Hi! I have been watching your videos on some really good tips on guiding YouTubers in the right direction. I subscribed and liked your videos and I also gave it a like too. Keep up the awesome work that you do big cool guy! 😀

Rokas Šiškevičius

My favorite Is OBS Studio Its Reccomended if u have a old PC and fraps Lags for u


your voice is so fast but clear and easy to catch up. nice vid.


camstudio is really a virus DONT download it


OBS or Xsplit. How were these standards missed?

Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}

Delete this video. It's misguiding people, and gives the users of that software viruses.

buiciuc daniel

DUDE, those softwares ar not free and have viruses... Better put a warning on your video!


Now Ik why everyone that Camtasia is virus aint no excuse

Alwin Roy

Are you creator of Malware Cam Studio, who promote this virus program.

EnderkingGaming Pro

But thanks to my coding skills I removed it...

super gamer boy

lol flash back express is th best screen recorder software it even has a game recorder there own game recorder so easy

Benjamina Farrington

Delete the video and redo it or add a warning about cam studio or you're gonna mess up peoples computers.