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Copy that10_4

Enough to buy a cup of tea you spilt🤭

Cyndi Chin

Just bought the paperlike! Hope you get your cup of coffee. 🙂


Checked out the link and they haven’t yet added the protector for the iPad Air 3.

Katrin Wansing

Hey Ali, great Video!
I wonder if the Screen protector makes pictures or fine lines less sharp? So what I mean by that is, does the Screen protector lessen the quality of the Display in any noticeable way?

uber 101

after a week a threw it in the garbage. nice marketing. but the off brand matte screen protector was way more paper-like. yes it feels like paper when you touch it with your hands but with the pen it feels totally like plastic. on top of that you get some sort of rainbow glare. and finally while sketching with a loose grip i dont find the responsiveness satisfying. sorry guys but that's just my two cents.


Speak slower, your dynamics are not matching the listeners. Better diction would be nice, are you in a hurry?

aba r

I bough it and it damaged my Apple Pencil nib within 3 weeks. I had to buy new nibs.

Toobz Muir

When will they come out with the 12.9 3rd generation cover?

Copy that10_4

Sorry Ali but I still love you. I’m at minimum wage. Lucky I have an iPad and Apple Pencil ✏️.

Copy that10_4

I ordered the icarez on Amazon for $7.99 it was $29.99 no screen noise. Had some bubbles but lifted screen protector and as I was lying it back on followed with finger walking /sliding my finger along the screen protector as it slowly went down . Perfect 👌 bubbles all gone.

a z z e l l e

I thought your profile was aladdin😂😂😂


Why does the sky think a some all screen protector has rendered his iPad waterproof?

Paxxo Wrestling

Go get that coffee! =) bought from the link thanks for the video!

Rylan Storm

I paid £30 for a Paperlike for my iPad 9.7

Absolutely, without doubt, the most difficult screen protector I e ever attempted to apply to any device...it's literally a bubble magnet.

Then, it fell off.

So I stick the second one on. That fell off too.

Save your money.


Generally liquid isn't too much of a threat towards a solid glass screen!

I was impressed enough by your review to order for my new iPad Pro. A couple arrived over here in SW Florida but they were both so creased that they would not apply without the crease being VERY visible. This was understandable as the packaging was just a cardboard envelope... You'd think they'd write PLEASE DO NOT BEND on the outside or something. I wrote them and they sent another two but in the same bl**dy packaging which was again, creased so badly they wouldn't apply. I wrote them and received no reply. I wrote again offering to pay for… Read more »
Maddie Hussain
I'm really disappointed with you Ali. I know you are a student and have to earn money but not to give an honest review of the product seriously hinders the trust you have with your viewers. I've been saving up for the iPad Pro, and ever since I've seen drop tests of the product, I have been seriously thinking about what protective gear I should use. You didn't address a lot of things about the product. Like how quickly would it damage the tip of the Apple Pencil because of how coarse it is. Or how well it would work… Read more »
Usman Khan

Honestly, their customer service is great, packaging, and advertisement, but the screen protector itself is terrible! It makes my screen look as if it permanently has grease trapped under it, it’s like an old TV set, grainy. And the writing experience has NOT changed at all, literally writes the same except for the ‘satisfying’ feedback you get. I genuinely personally enjoy the pencil on glass experience. Not worth the money, as I aid , the customer service is great, they sent me a replacement when I wrecked my first two .

miu luk

will it destroy the tip of apple pen? thank you

Gaurav Goyal

I have a serious concern...Do the Apple pencil 2nd gen tips wears off after using as my note making in class


So your tee can make it trough glas ending up on your circuit board breaking your device but with that thin layer of plastic thats not happening ?

Derec Wilsom

More ... frictiony... thats some professional doctoring speak right there, made me smile 🙂
Really enjoyed the video.

Rafay Shams

Can you make a separate video which highlights how exactly the Paperlike Screen Protector affects the screen Quality. Show us thr noise. etc. Also could you mention how the matte surface affects the Apple Pencil tip? Thanks.


Bought it due to your recommendation, but didn't realize that I'm importing a whole bunch of headaches, which comes free along with the product!

Trying to get an issue resolved with their customer service since few weeks, and they just seem to not have the time to respond.

I DON'T recommend this company to anyone.

Mohini Goyal

Plz can you inform me about the dimension of the brown package...In which the paperlike is packed...I also want to import it to INDIA

May Flower

Bought one on Monday. You were the one who convince me to buy an iPad and Apple Pencil for notes. I’m entering nursing school this fall. You enjoy that coffee on me for making my future nursing student life a little more organized 😊

June Park
I thought here was where I saw some comparison between PaperLike and Elecom Paper-Feel Screen Protector, but I can't find the comments anymore so I will just share in a new comment. Personally I haven't tried PaperLike so I couldn't do a true comparison but Elecom also shows the red and green grainy noise as well and it's very noticeable on white background. I'v heard that Elecom is better than PaperLike but as far as the noise on the screen goes, it's not perfect. And it does bother me and I'm not sure how long I will keep it. I… Read more »

That hindu guy is so stupid and naive — paperlike is the worst screen protector.

danny daniels

I've been using Tech Armour for quite a while. Tech Armour is really good, but I wanted an even more paper feel, and ordered Paper Like. Disappointed. It was even smoother than my Tech Armour. I found no great paper feel. But, that is just my hand and feel. Perhaps for someone else it gives what they are looking for.

hard truth around

Placing liquids near a electronic device is something from the last Century...or something women do...😁


Hey try the blue light screen filter screen protector from ocushield.

Claire H

Does this also benefit reading for iPad screen?

Jey Initial

Hi Ali... the keyboard behind you looks nice. What brand is that?

Ashraf Hassan

Just bought one. Enjoy that coffee, on me! 😉

ForSanity AndReason

Come on,Ali. ½ a cup of coffee times 1000s is a lot of money. 🤫