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Take the dome out of the lightspere and most of the light will bounce off the ceiling and some of the spill will light up the lightsphere and throw enough light at your subjects face to get rid of the shadows. Keeping the dome on puts all the power in the lightsphere and looks like direct flash.


Not sure why you left out the built-in bounce card that is usually on the flash and give some more forward lighting when doing a bounce so you don't lose the eyes so much. Also you forgot the most cheap diffuser of the mall which is the simple large white balloon strapped onto the end of The Flash. None of them are as cheap or compact as a balloon and the balloon can be inflated to all different sizes to change the amount of diffusion.


I was confused who was the actual model. I am pretty sure photographer is 😉


Nice, clear, easy-to-understand examples. Thank you so much!

Chet Arthur

People tilt the flash upward so they hit the subject with just the edge of the flash beam.

marcel plavec


I have tried the Gary Fong to the ceiling and directly and perfer the direct shot but carefully controlling the exposure. Your disk shot is very nice but the Gary Fong would look the same IF you didn't blow out the face (slightly) and go for the direct into the face shot. The MagMod globe works very nice too and is easy to attach and stays there. I do like the idea of shooting 45 degrees backwards into a small reflective disk to bounce the light above me and up high when there are high ceilings or outdoors but it… Read more »
bluesj jeon

Please let me know the photogrophers video lighting setting instead of the models one

Todd Lavigne

I use the MagMod system...it's really good, assuming you know enough about lighting and all your technical knowledge.
I use their 2 light softeners


Point the Gary font so it shoots through the dome

Jim Carigga

I use the Gary Fong Lightsphere — he needed to lower the power of the flash to obtain a softer light. IMHO the Gary Fong Lightsphere is the best one out there.


Better than a college photography course. Thanks, bud!

Martin Koss
It's a very good video however I do think it is possible to make any modifier come out on top if that is the objective. Bounced light can achieve much better results than the dark shadowed result in your video but the clear winner hear was always going to be the product that FStoppers was aiming to promote and that's the Fashdisc. Watch someone else's video doing a similar comparison and they will produce beautful results with off-camera bounced flash. When working with kids off-camera bounced flash is my go-to and it works. The Flashdisc probably has a place in… Read more »

I've seen many videos , but this is the only time i find the photographer is more handsome than the model.

Mango Steel

3:31 😂 John Haze Mckenneth just escaped from Clayton Co. Jail. He’s armed & extremely dangerous. If you see him get to a safe place and call the hotline number!

Aaron meyers
Bounce flash is amazing as long as you know how to work it. Takes trial and error to get it right but the lighting looks very natural and you do not have some big bulky thing on your flash to bump things into. I never use the bounce card but more of facing it 45 degrees to my upper right. Sometimes I fire it behind me or to the left. The reason I favor the right angle is that if I shoot a portrait and rotate my camera counter clockwise my flash would be pointing at the ceiling instead of… Read more »
Alex Churakov

Very well done manipulation with Gary phong light — why not to reduce flash power & note try to use dome off version or other options? ))) next time when you will do review of any pro cameras — pls do not hesitate to put kit lens on it — and as result you can “ honestly “ say that camera is just not good enough ))) Just curious — do you really feel good after this type of manipulation?)))