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I absolutely loved your review. For anything that I may have know already, I was able to simply drag my mouse along the play line until your next reason came up ... thank you for doing this so could focus on the parts I needed to do so. You commentary, critique, you are articulate, and communicated this perfectly. I did not find the intro to long in this format because I can drag the mouse to the parts I wished to go to. If we could not, then I would agree with the suggestion of shortening the introduction. Thanks again,… Read more »
David Silva

Please get rid of the loud, obnoxious music.

Picha Thadaniti

great review and lots​ of optimistics, you made me feel good with this gear and decided to buy the kit set tomorrow 😊

lots of dramatic about​ this camera in Thailand too, but​ I thought it have​ enough​ good points

thx you


Hi! Did you test the 50 f1.2 and 24-105 f4? How do you find the in terms on IQ against the SONY alternatives? Thanks

Stephen Hagyard

Is the metering biased to the chosen focus point?

Johnny F Media

Longest intro on the internet ... Zzzzzzzz

Ben Hatto

I REALLY want another 50mm f1. Preferably with an 85 f1 to accompany it. That would be excellent.


you tricked me your link led to a fuji lens not the 50 1.2

Mattias Burling

That so many comments are people complaining about to much sample footage from the camera being reviewed says a lot about the camera community.

Gary Grimes

My favorite is the shutter that protects the sensor when the lens is off!

Tom Kotulski

How well does the kit lens compare to an L series lens quality wise for stills? I know they say the new Lenses for the EOS R are super sharp but what about this kit lens just curious?


Hi, dear, sir! I wish to give you a very big THANK for a very good and nice and balanced review with many good points! Wishing you all the Best and happy photographing occasions in future with your Canon EOS R! Best Regards from Sweden!

Carlos Vega

I'm tempted by the change to replace my Canon 6d (version 1) but what else pulls me back is the adapter, because I have my EF lens kit that I do not want to replace with the new ones, I would like your advice; I have a 24-70 f2.8 L (version 1) that I refuse to stop using. Thank you very much for your contribution. Sorry for my English (I'm still studying) Greetings from Entre Ríos, Argentina.

Shelly A

How loud is the clicking noise when using the adapter and the lenses’ control ring? Since it is $60-80 to remove/put it back


and all that smack about haw great this camera is he sells the whole lot!

Darrin Lalla

Finally, a review that doesn't state opinions as facts. This really helps. Thanks

Darrin Lalla

I agree with your 5 cons but I'm upgrading from a T5i so these are not deal breakers for me. It doesn't seem too unfair given the price.

Dennis Cernosia

Loving the reviews ... I think my next camera will be that EOS R.