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James Lynch Photography, LLC

Why are you saying 5 fps when Canon says the camera shoots 8 fps?

Ian Jack

Good, general review of the camera but would you trade your 1DX mk2 in for an EOS R if you mainly shoot sports? To me it seems like a significant downgrade rather than an improvement.


I am an old fashion guy, I will be sticking with my Canon Pro DSLR's for the forseeble future. If it it's not broken why fix it!


A simple fanboy making excuses for another ridiculous toad by Canon. They have created their legacy. Four year old technology at today's prices. No one but a fool (or fanboy) would buy into this utter fiasco.

ivan rivas

Check the Tony northup video about it. It give you just like 2fps sharp out of the 5 so is not about spectacular but how it delivers in real world.

Purushottam Pokharel

Wrong info all over, the f/2 zoom is 28-70 not 24-70, the mount opening is exactly same as the canon EF mount, this is just an attempt to install hype and make the new release form canon sound great when it is not... Maybe trying to sell any new canon product even if it is not good, it is ok for sports, why only ok? Why not excellent? It the presentor is not confident then how will the viewers believe in what he is saying?

Nor Dic

Thanks for the review. Good to see a true sports pro tog try this camera out.

Nor Dic

Thanks for the review. Good to see a true sports pro tog try this camera out.

Andrew Jarman

Thanks for sharing...look forward to seeing more action shots using the 70-200 on the R! Currently have 80D and use 135f2L for low lit arena hockey shots (which works very good), and trying to find a reason to not jump over to Sony (A7III with 70-200) as my next setup. I'm getting good at timing shots, so the limited max 7 fps on 80D (assuming no flicker!) I'm okay with...just really curious how well the EOS R handles the adapted 70-200 2.8 III for nailing focus.

Stefanie Daniella
advantage of EOS Rfor 4k uhd ... especially= 1.75x= 1.75x faster (brighter) F-values for any given Lens FoV AoV= 1.75x greater tele-reach for any given F-value of a Lenslighter weight lens options+shorter length lens optionscombined togetherfor any particular FoV AoV desired= easier to carry !!!so, for1.75x ... (both advantages combined for 4k uhd) =700mm F2.8 (brightness) ... go for 400mm F2.8 !!!525mm F2.8 (brightness) ... go for 300mm F2.8350mm F2.0 (brightness) ... 200mm F2.0236mm F2.0 (brightness) = 135mm F2.0175mm F2.0 (brightness) = 100mm F2.0148mm F1.2 (brightness) = 85mm F1.287.5mm F1.2 (brightness) = 50mm F1.287.5mm F1.0 (brightness) = 50mm F1.0 (lucky… Read more »
Stefanie Daniella
5 fps max (14-bit uncompressed RAW)faster 8fps, if not 14-bit uncompressed RAWfor yet faster, others resort to either 12-bit RAW (or jpeg) or at best 14-bit compressed RAWEOS R is not meant to be a flagship sports 14-bit uncompressed RAW @ 14 fps shooterlike pro-body 1DXMkII1DXMkII which also does 14-bit uncompressed RAW @ 16 fps in live-view (does not AF as well as in TTL OVF Mirror mode)for slower "action", only folks with excellent timing skills already honed on OVF (zero-lag vision advantage) TTL pro-body dSLRs, could make excellent use of slower EOS RBUTNOT for the rest of folks, using… Read more »
zeki rami

Great vedio .please make more vedio about this camera iam thinking to buy it or the sony a7 mark3 or the Nikon z7 one of them.


Yea I think 54mm is still the same as the old EF mount size. The RF only differs in its depth to sensor surface ie flange back distance

Dee L

The RF mount is the same size as the EF mount the only difference is the flange distance, they went mirrorless cause it gives you exposure preview before you shoot and the ability to get the full sensor read out so can start using the computational power of the processors to make it easier to focus without you having to think about it so much, so you can just concentrate on how you want the image to look. But a nice video and a bummer that it is just 5 fps.

Andy Zavoina

The FPS for sports makes this a real stretch unless the timing is excellent. Your Iron Man shots should prove to be informative.