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Lucy Hart

That stick figure looked like it was ...hanging. Have you done any research into the history of your house or the land its on.

Chronophaze Dee

Thank you for listening to my comment

Chronophaze Dee

you need to use this technology in the box at the same time!


when it was above her it seemed like the ghost was dancing


Looks like you just bought an Xbox Kinect on a stick. Lol

Glenn S

K, the "who's Debbby" part was pretty freaky...

Духовный Мир

Spirits are exist...After your death a new life begins because you guys are spirits dwelling in body through soul...Give your life to God — to Christ and live a holy life so that you will go to the right place...everything on Earth is pure vanity!!! People hell is real !!! YouTube it: hell and heaven testimonies

Rane Sawyer

I remember seeing this camera being used on ghost hunters, and the main guy asked a ghost they were seeing to dance or to move, and I kid you not the ghost started dancing. It was in an open corridor in an old jailhouse, I think, and there was nothing around to obstruct the camera detection. It seemed pretty legitimate.


I WANT ONE OF THOSE, wow soon were going to get to an age where just like 13 ghosts we're going to be able to see them just like they're here. wow wouldn't that be amazing i mean just this technology alone is nearly 100% accurate at detecting anomalies. awesome yet frightening at the same time.

NiecyBabyEarvin Earvin

I love your videos I came across today, have anyone requested you to contact an love one?

lonewolf kelly

Awesome kit! 🙂 i feel like im on Ghost adventures haha

Tammie Parrish Miller

I'm very familiar with dowsing, however, I don't quite understand how this correlates with dowsing. It's just my own ignorance, but if you have the time, I would love if you could explain digital dowsing to me. Thank you Steve. I've become addicted to your channel!


Any possible way you could get through to my great grandma? She is called sally

When my great grandma moved into anew retirement home, she was asleep the one night when she woke up to a presence beside her. It was another old woman, staring at her intently. It apparently told her to “get out her home”. My great grandma was confused because she was sure she locked the door. She just replied with “no, this is my home now go away back to your own” and the other old lady continued to tell her to get out. My great grandma turned around and tried to ignore the lady to see if she would leave,… Read more »

Heaven is a state not a place and those in heaven may live among us