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Taino Lolino

Damn bro, I remember that time I had to setup a cult sacrifice ritual to steal my homie's girl too 🤤🤤 she was a freak tho no cap 💯😳😳


Hereditary and Midsommar connected?? OFCOURSE

W. Loczykij
Aaaahh... i was wondering...What it is all about. Horror movie by "Ari" set in snowy white Sweden against the backdrop of its oldest traditions and rites. But somehow it is just a bunch of white inbreds whose lore kills the only black guy for wanting to approach it. Aaa... and the cloud scene as a metaphor for Swedish rabid racism. (More than the Israeli citizenship laws?:) Yes people, it's this time again. White culture is being made into the demented horror again. But still good enough to have a wet dreams about wanting to breed with nice blond white girls.… Read more »
Tom Drever

Well that’s my holiday to Sweden cancelled


it is overrated cult film in my opinion. Even though it is decorated by anthropological theory, it is still mediocre. Over-intepretation does not increase its quality. The storyline is very predictable, which lacks any suspence. I know it is not a Hitchcock story.

Matt Borel

Why can't Americans say Midsommar properly?

bruh wut

In the context of the movie the festival went very very good.

c grant

The satanic wizards and witches who do blood sacrifice are real okay 🌚👍

Tomáš Vlček

Its not 16 but 18 years periods. 18-36-54-72.


And what do you think about the dani’s smile at the very end ?

Αντώνης Σπηλιώτης

This is the most FAIL movie i have ever seen all the cinema laughing with this bullshit😂😂😂

Gary Gunnels

So, whether the “Blood Eagle” was ever practiced in real life is unknown. There are also only two references to it in Skaldic literature.

Yalexa Alvarez

I didn’t watch it but I want spoilers lol

Okay, here are my questions about the movie: -What does the symbol we see on the sole of Josh's foot mean? ... Why is your leg planted in an orchard? -I imagine why Mark, Josh and, of course, Christian are murdered, but why do they kill Connie and Simon? they were the smartest in the movie, they wanted to leave when they saw the danger Did they kill them for fear of their sect being discovered? Or is there really implicit racism in the movie? except Mark, who murders for representing the stupidity they want to purify, the other sacrifices… Read more »
Hani ali

me i see the all seeing eye with a pyramid, this a free masonery code, illuminati movie 100%


Just a gentle correction: The season span for the community is in 18-year increments, not 16. 1-18 Spring, 18-36 Summer, 36-54 Fall, 54-72, winter.

Severe Zafari

there is a symbol that is similar to a king paimon symbol that is in the first 30 minutes of the movie. so they are worshiping a demon. but also, it's definitely not a rune. it was too rounded

lydia m

What about the cisors under the baby’s pillow??

Joe Ruiz

Movie was Sickening! Reminded me of the movie Hostile! Needed more character development! I liked "Get Out" better! 😁😀

Man, i can't fathom how you got all of that out of the movie. Foreshadowing isn't good for its own sake; showing subtle shit that's clear after the fact isn't clever if it doesn't serve an actual purpose. Furthemore, overdosing on symbolism and implications isn't really clever, this movie just turned weird and a tad boring at the end; only sustained by the cruelty inflicted upon the characters, it really didn't feel like a statisfying ending, nor anything clever. I know this is stuff critics love but I couldn't stomach it. Also the scene where he fucks the girl admits… Read more »

For me, nothing in the entire film compares to the moment where she is grieving in the beginning. I can't express in words how deeply that moment cut me. I may never get over it.

James Vincent

The "Up Arrow" is Tyr which means "a god"

Sonny Rose

I didn’t finish my nachos... that’s the best review I can give... long live the genre. Ari Aster is a master; I’m so looking forward to what he does next

Gizmo D

I don't know why people think it was the same as Wicker Man. Maybe Grizzly Man, heh.

Chris Mann

This film actually needs explaining? If not for the sake of content fodder for YouTubers, It's damn straight forward.

Kieran Short

... a lot of "what if's" and "could be" here...

George Arokia Savariar

Christianity came to resue those pagans but they threw it out and back to insane suicide.