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Carl John

What if our own universe is actually a Human Microbiome Universe of another human (or other kind of life form).

Alexandria Fune

The narrator sounds like hiccup from how to train your dragons xD

Evelyn Nasworthy

That was wonderful. Very informative... makes me understand a few of the ideas better.

Gamer Whiz

Adorable animations and really got your point across.


Instead of the human microbiome it should be the bacterial microbiome

Delvin Qela

Well done...The best video ive ever seen about our gut flora.
It tell the sad truth about everything.

Estrella GaliciaFlores

The animation was very well done and cute


Beautifully animated!!! If all biology topics were taught in the form of YouTube animations, everyone would want to major in biology!


the whole video is actually like the evolution of the micobiome.

Lawrence Nadar

There is a movie like this plz any one tell me that movie name

Nico Zhang

OMG...this video is too good...LOVE it! Thanks!!!