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Dipanjal Sharma

Apparently it's only a problem with iPhone Xs max or x. Same thing started happening to my iPhone 5s


You seem so excited about iphone s problems and you just can `t wait for one to pop up, just fuck off.

goldtitan 337

Not to be that guy but... you don't see android with this problem

Ken Nomuri

I used Redmi 7.Why i dont have feature like this?

Red Patrick Desepida

Is this problem still existing with the iPhone xs max?

andre champagnie

And apple gonna make you pay them to fix it


Steve jobs 2007: this phone will be the best phone it can be!
Apple 2019: you have to pay $100 for a apple charging payment which is $900 a week!


Thank u I was thinking buy a iPhone xs max but not anymore great video

David Heiblum

Google Sheep's note to Lew (Unbox Therapy): Another Gate problem with the iPhone 10s and 10s Max: Charge Gate has been solved with the iOS 12.1 software update. Please continue finding more "Gate" problems with the Apple iPhones and iOS to continue strengthening my argument of supporting Andriod smartphones in the Andriod vs. iOS debate.


Well i have decided im going to get a galaxy s10 plus next. The superior


this is a software issue thats all i can say already

Primum Genus

Maybe apple wants you to shell out more money?
For $100 more, the iPhone can charge with a lightning cable.

Double M

This is the new feature “Tap To Charge” -apple

Henafant dragon

can you please send me a iphone please.if you do you certainly make my day.

Jarrueche Tran

Apple: We charge extra for a charge, buy our new products

jacob belcher

My iPhone 6 does that but It gives me a notification that says “unlock device to use accessories”

Sewraj Tusshar

Now I know what apple logo means , the apple with the bite means it is not perfect, if it was perfect it wouldn't have a bite
So .......................... I think I'm moving on to android

Christian Moyer

I’ve had my XS max 256GB for over a year and never ran into this problem 😒 its the best iPhone ever released to date

Oluwaseun Ojomo

Hello... I am currently having charging issues with my iPhone Xs. It does not charge either on sleep mode or awake. My iPhone Xs is running on iOS 12.4

Stanley Yang

It’s actually a bug with all iPhones.
Meaning it’s more world widespread for a while.

I’ve got the iPhone 6 and it does the same thing.
In the idle mode, it doesn’t charge and sometimes I have to wake my phone up before it even shows it’s charging.
I’ve just gotten used to always turning my phone on right after I plug it in to charge

abhishek mishra

price doesn't make any product valuable . it's service make a more valuable... thanku usbox therapy for suggestion.

Unbox Therapy

Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.

Jam T

Apple: please take note that this is not a defect


You should watch what you say I know you have your own opinion but I’m just trying to look out for you so you don’t get any hate👍🏻


Samsung will give the money back and apologize then fixes it.
But apple would ignore it

Bagas Praduta

Laugh on apple user misery😂
— Android user —


i know i'm late to the video but i have an 8 and mine will do that too, i usually notice that it's not charging and wake it up and it starts charging, i've only noticed it recently though so idk

Isaiah Santos

They surely fixed this. I recently bought a 10XS and I’m having no issues.