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Best use of 360 camera ever. And It really matters.

Danny Houston

I actually saw this at a Maths Inspiration Event. The summary of it was basically: after 30 minutes of screwing with a camera, Matt Parker decided to juggle with infinite versions of himself. Inspiring stuff.

Erik Oosterwal

Best video EVAR!!! Seriously, I think I could watch this a hundred times in a row.


Ok! , That was the coolest thing I've seen done with video that isn't a hollywood movie... . maybe... but certainly the coolest thing I've seen in quite a while.

aaay aaay

Because to see I'm looking back at the perspective you of your hand...

Pregma Sogma

This is the most weird an scientific video i see in my life

John Hardesty

The screensaver on the screen behind them is very interesting.

Jacob Phillips

This is so bizarre and I love it so much

Lamanite Flarpleston

why does this only have 150k views!?!


It appears this video is missing a couple million views…

Klossy Channel

Do it with a normal camera too please 😀

Logical Fallacies

Hands down, the most difficult to watch video I've ever watched. 10/10.


This is an amazing an clearly underappreciated video and should definitely go viral

Alex King

At the start I was watching their feet and I was so confused

Shubham Singh

what did I just see, awesome mindbender


god what am i doing at 2 am on the 10 of june 2019.


Cool you made a fractal at the end lol (at end look into the round area)

Martin Pickard

😎That was soooooo coooool🤯
Spiral at the end was like a cherry topping a cherry, topping a cherry, topping a... Well you know what I'm getting at.
Well done guys.

Charlie Angkor

it cannot pass over the poles. i guess that exceeded the mental capacity of the programmer of the yotube app to program it? Hey multibillion dollar google, hire better programmers.


Matt, I was sleeping, I had to sit up to watch this.


That is a very disconcerting thing to see and I can't even comprehend how it works or what I'm looking at...

Also, how powerful are your computers to set up that effect (even if it was only done in rendering, as is likely and as would not break physics)?


Highly underapprecited video ! loved it

Jan Babiuch-Hall

This fucked my brain right good and proper.


Watched this in Cardboard VR and the last bit made me sick.