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Yuri Orloff

In all fairness, the media de-legitimized itself somewhere around the time Nixon gave them the bird in 1962.

B. Young

One's speech reflects one literacy and the reverse and he is blatantly illiterate. So, it all makes sense...wow. Words scare him.

carlos aguilar

LOL!!! The left complaining at "Whataboutism"!!! They are the masters of it. Can we say hypocrites...

Anton Nulens

july '19, still super relevant clip, which is sad.

Sherculisa T Finn

British people is don't like it US president trump is fuck off his reelection 2020 of next year.

R Nickerson

Everyone does whataboutism these days. No one can handle being called out on things, no one can handle being corrected, no one wants to take responsibility or blame... everyone's response is "yeah, well, this usually unrelated thing!"
And you're left with either following their train of thought or banging your head against a wall as your only options, because trying to get the conversation back on the right track is impossible at this point.

Franky Salazar

So trumps a robot 🤔makes sense 😂

That Guy with a Movie Camera

Whataboutism is arguably one of the most infuriating arguement fallacies next to Appeal to Ignorance another common tactic used (saying even though nothing proves something, there's no evidence disproving it either). That's not a compelling argument and is used when someone has absolutely no counter so they bounce a irrelevant question/response back to you.

Instead of focusing on What About, How About focusing on the issue at hand with research, evidence, and a neutral standing in order to deliver news instead of opinions

Dale Bouwman

With Trump it's sooo blatant that the American Presidency is nothing but a joke, and it really means nothing at all. the real people in charge are not the Presidents...Trump proves that.


I hate that Trump makes me look back on the Bush years with fond nostalgia.


LOL so outrage at the right good, but if the left does it, it doesnt matter.
Remember Obama delegitimizing fox news? Not a peep. "Fake news" by Trump? "omgwtfbbq war on journalism"
I think the left has the attention span of a carrot.

Jess Wolfe

John Tyler became the tenth president of the united states in 1841 after President William Henry Harrison died and served until 1845. There now people can say they know who the tenth president was.

Logan Abbott

For a country that frequently talks about being "The greatest Nation in The World" we have far too many children running the country

Alyssa Grace

I was surprised and genuinely proud to see we've elected someone whom is openly transgender in our legislature. It almost makes up for us electing Drumpf for president!

Angelo Wakstein

One of the best clips I have seen from John Oliver! Love it

Jas M.

@4:08 . That says it all.
@9:02 is just pure gold.
Mr. Oliver please keep on doing what you do — I've been binge watching for most of the day.

Dela Empirean

9:08 it’s actually so sad how hard the audience laughed at that


actually trump didn't take credit for inventing the phrase "fake news" he took credit for the word "fake" 5:52. lol
ALSO, it wouldn't be fake fake news news, it would be fake news fake news. as in fake news about fake news not fake fake news news as that would be real news...

Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez

9:41 john tyler... yes he wasn't elected as president.

Mr wonderful

Trump...what a sad little man!!!!🖕🖕

Tom Yeo

Doesn't stand by anything. The one truth I've heard from his lying mouth

The MEGA Couple Black Star & Silver Moon

The 2018 mid-terms turned out very well

Colin Owen Griffin

elen thing was ridiculous, though...she is as bad as trump.


Just to point out — there is a mirror image to whataboutism — and thats called "hypocrisy"...

Phoenix Fire

You don't look like a pickle with glasses

Marco Klaue

We need to see this every day. We need our neighbors to see this every day.

John Mezzo

It's difficult to make a top 10 favorite, dumbest, unintentionally funny things Trump has said, but this "clean coal" bit deserves to be on the list.

daniel stewart

It's amazing how much worse it's gotten in the 2 years sunce this was as made.

He's a dickhead of epic proportions.


Trump is doing great. It just kills the left.

Jenni Schmitz

Why Amerika had vote for him ??? I don't get it ...?

Andethidial bubabibub

NYT lol so now it's not fake news fox?

Jeremy Bow

It's time for a 2019 update. U it has actually gotten worse.


He will get a second term. because the other side is self destructing.

God-like Figure

John Tyler.
"Tippecanoe and Tyler Too."
People who know U.S. history know these things.


as of June 2019, trump has been caught in over 10,000 LIES... almost as many as the bible! XD


Look at all the baby libtards crying because they lost the election! Haha what a bunch of fucking losers! 😂


Fox: Obama hates our troops! He has no respect for their sacrifice!!!
Also Fox: lolol people are worried about whether or not Trump is actually gonna declare war on North Korea!!

Avinav Bhandari

That's very nice john , but what about the whataboutism used by the left and their media.😁
Literally EVERYONE does it, including you.
And pls don't use the word 'nazi' this loosely.