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William Coons

I don’t believe I’ll be keeping it, it dose not have a great resolution, it definitely will Not read license plates.

K Michael

Is there an option to have it record while parked without having to have someone hit you?

Mike Cole

I <3 youtube trash talkers. Any chance you know the largest size memory card it will accept?


@sakitech any ideas where would you mount second camera, e.g. for rear view? e.g. two cameras, one on the left side of front mirror (in the car) and second camera on the right side? as it needs to be charged, is that possible even? I don't see how this would fit rear window if you want rear camera...they should probably make additional unit for the back
Does it have some motion sensor? E.g. someone scratches your car and you've no idea. It's basically for front collision

Rico Suave

I know several people that bought it and returned it, it is a toy, invest in a Blackview, and don't get scamed.

Sam Lam

the VAVA app sucks, doesn't work on at least in my case, Galaxy S8 Android version 8.0. Cant sync videos. Bought 2 yesterday after seeing this video, can you tell me what version of android are you using for your review?

Erinson Duran

This thing can not read license plates,even if you are behind the car


Buy the VAVA Dash Cam: https://amzn.to/2NZNi1C
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Rico Suave

Grant, stop drinking Koolaid bro! That is a pile of crap you bought! I'm just saying! By the way forget about 128gb CD card. It will not work, you get what you pay for dushbag!


:)) You need to learn how to install the cam...you have 50% of the frame with your car !!


Of course he's gonna say its good, he gets a kick back if you buy one. Notice not one negative point was mentioned

Charles Campbell

I enjoyed your video, I bought one but it was the older version VA-CD001 Because it came with a GPS module and a picture Button as well. Not as high when it comes to night vision. I wanted to have my miles per hour shown on the video as proof of my speed. If a officer stops me and I know im doing the speed limit. I lession to you all the time. Take care from Charles ps. What kind of car is that u driving?

Jayse Greene

You are incorrect when you stated only the microsd card needs to be purchased. The GPS module also needs to be purchased.


So when car is off does it still record like does the usb charge it while car is on? Or is it only recording while usb outlet has power