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K Killough

This mount from Ebay will work also, just use the bar to connect to the R7 Suction cup mount, its only$23.90 + $2.90 shipping, works well on R# and R1 also. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nice-Car-Mount-For-Rear-Mirror-Valentine-One-Radar-Detector-1-Cradle-Included/223455630085?epid=1773669016&hash=item3406fe5305:g:RpwAAOSwzCRckwtp

Keith W.


USN Artsen

omg thank you for this. Confirmed that i do not need a new mount for the R7. The mount that i have will work fine and the sides are not tapered out. The mount also make my R3 sit farrrr from the windshield in my Focus ST


So...as we all know...the Blend Mount folks are pretty proud of their stuff. Is there any chance that they will just make the new clip available rather than the entire mount? That would make the transition to the new R7 a little easier on the wallet...for those of us using a current R3 Blend Mount product.


Well crap. Guess I will wait until I have a mount.

Boosted Veedub

Thanks already signed the waiting list


Thank you for the great information. At least we know what’s coming down the road... pun intended!

Chris Peralta

Thanks man. Hope you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather we had. Keep them R7 videos rolling!


On my 2000 bmw 323i I had to file the arm the connects to the radar detector. That grove gave it more room to pivot back. That allowed me to use the single suction cup and not have the detector fall off all the time.

Eric Kovalsky

Would a rubber or felt pad solve the vibration issues with XP clip ?


Thanks for sorting through this stuff as only someone like you could do


Please find out when the Escort live update will be released!

Willworth Oberg

How could this video generate any thumbs down? What is wrong with these people!?


That was great! Are they using a different power plug? Will wired set ups be compatible?


What is the distance from the edge of the detector to the edge of the R3 window mount?


Stop posting videos about the R7. When I get it off my mind, you bring it up again. Or to put it in other terms, “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”.

Anthony Adams

Can you use a Blendmount’s for both the r3/r7 and Blackvue dashcams at the same time

Aristidis Mouzakitis

Can you recommend a good setting or filter for the R7 for NY (5 boroughs)?

John Glynn

Thank you for the thorough combinations and a future blend mount coming our way! Blue skies,Jg

Hector I. Montemayor

After many years of using Escort RDs I have just ordered from Best Buy the Uniden R7. Since all my cars are hard wired for Escort and I have the M1 camera on one I am wondering if I can still use the Escort wires (including the Camera) with the R7.

Samuel Grossman

Thank you for the thorough video!!! I guess I’ll be using my R3 blendmount clip until for the time being !!!!! Much appreciated.

Michael Vigilante

Forget about a school bus as a Comparison for a flat windshield. Use a jeep wrangler I have a blend mount for my V1 now I have to wait until they make a mount with a big suction cup.

Steven Mifsud

Move threaded mounting bracket to the other side to allow better access to buttons @ 5:25?


The blendmount just seems like a bad spot to put your detector. To me the logical choice is mount above the mirror, not below it.


When you say one of the mounts can damage the release button, would that still happen if you never take it off?


I and many appreciate all the work you do. As for the R7, very tempting. I owned few V1's over the years and always liked them. Until I got the R3. Quickly retired the V1. I then was in the market for another detector and went with the Radenso Pro M because of its small size. I feel it is a serious step down from the R3 and regret purchasing it. Arrows are nice but really not necessary. The major drawback for me at least to the R7 is it's just huge.

Phillip Ogle

Do we know if anyone is working on a mobile app for Uniden (ideally the R7)?