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elyas ebrahimzade tavakkoli

I believe one day VERY SOON you guys are gonna have a multimillion dollar 💵 special effect company , keep it up guys 🤞🏻🤞🏻 , and I liked His JOKER STYLE of talking ( sorry I don’t know your name bro , the computer genius on the left side if the sofa 🛋)

Alice Williamson

At 5.50 "What an effective ooUUEEHK...What an effective OOUUHHEEEEHKH!!!"


What is that shirt Clint is wearing.
Whoever the guy with the glasses. His shirt is dope

Nagan Gowda

I learn so much watching your videos thanks

Jon-Erik Konves

Hey Niko — The effect you covered for "Sh! The Octopus" was very cutting edge for 1937! If you guys haven't seen it yet, you really should check out a (relatively) new take on that effect in Royal Blood's music video "Figure It Out". Great tune, and the video shows there's two sides to every story! https://youtu.be/jhgVu2lsi_k

MaliK T

The hidden matchcut, or what it was called, at 7:37 was really well placed. Brilliant.

roman cano

"you spilled 9:27 lipstick in my Valentino bag?!"

Julio Cesar

2:12 it's also a physics problem. Because even if Wolverine jumped ahead, the helicopter should have rolled over him right after he hit the ground, because of the speed the heli had. So the most plausible way was Wolverine jumping backwards, to the opposite direction the heli was going.

Abu Bakr Guy

I am just falling in love with this channel!

Shen Loony

They did similar effect for last one in the great Twilight Zone episode, Long Live Walter Jameson in which to make Kevin McCarthy age at the end they used the filter technique to great effect


Do the new CATS trailer! It's hover-head and uncanny valley all over!


Clint's hair gets wilder and wilder each episode.

ᚷᚨᛗᛖᚱ Gamer-ᚠᛟ

Mortal kombat Annihilation had whorst graphic


Transformers might look good, but the movies are still shit.

Michal Motyčka

You guys should look into some old vfx in Czechoslovakian movies. Karel Zeman and Journey to the Beginning of Time (and more of his movies) are a great stop-motion mixed with live action flicks but also, more into practical effects, films from Vaclav Vorlicek and Milos Macourek from 70s and 80s.


From that pleasantville scene wouldn't they just film in colour and desaturate everything except for what is yellow values?


Can u guys review Final Fantasy movie from 2001


I was about to request Transformers. I agree that it doesn't get enough credit (for VFX but also SFX and soundtrack) and I will forever love the first Transformers unapologetically.

Ahmad Mughal

Please react to CGI in New Hellboy.
It's so torturing to watch and they butchered the franchise.

Mel Miller

Guys, can you react to the CGi of The CW version of The Flash? I think there is some good and bad CGi in the show.

ҪҩғӀ Ҫоҗҗҿӆҭ

In some movies and serials last time i saw low framed ascending smoke-clouds...so you can see the frame per frame "how it smokes".
— ozark S1/E10 (?) burning the unready church by the prist of ozark as example