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Haniff Daniel

hi mark, years ago back in the 80's and the early 90's i did some photography have some old lens one i love to use was a nikon nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 4540399 is there an adaptor thahcan work withthis lens ona canon 1100d

Kelly Lopez

I tried with an old 50mm 1.4 on my eosr but it won’t allow me to take a photo, do I have to change anything in the settings?

Paolo Farinella Photo

Nice video man, how do you grade your videos? Looks pretty cool 🙂

Jagh Haringenamn

How easy is to to fit an M42 lens to a full frame camera? Just a basic screw on adapter? Does "infinity focus" work properly etc?

Dario Lucarelli

I love Toronto!
Oh... I also like this adapter 😉

Shane C

I would have liked to see some more video with the vintage glass


Thanks for the video!! Do you know if can I use this to hook up my Canon FD 50mm f1.4 to my Canon EOS 6D?

Call 050

Which adapter is good to fix Nikon lenses on canon m50?

Nathan French

Will that adapter work with my Canon EOS 350D/ Digital Rebel XT? I know that the Rebel XT is an EF-S mount like it’s newer and higher end digital Canon EOS series cousins. I’m moving from my very worn out and tired Canon AV-1 35 mm film SLR to the Rebel XT that I bought recently and I have several FD lenses that I enjoy using.

Haniff Daniel

hi mark, years ago back in the 80's and the early 90's i did some photography have some old lens one i love to use was a nikon nikkor 50mm 1:1.4 4540399 is there an adaptor thahcan work withthis lens ona canon 1100d

Mike Studmuffin

It would appear the extra lens on the adapter is not edge blackened, which will result in a lot of light scatter and low contrast images. Perhaps, if you can remove that lens you should take a black marker and blacken the edge to minimize light scatter.


Thanks for pointing me over here man. Solid. I am definitely going to hook one of these up. Think these will allow me to focus on image character rather than image “quality”

Verstomd on Instagram

Great video! Just subscribed and going to check out more!


Please let me know if I can use this with Canon Rebel T3i (600D) ?? Thanks for the nice demo. 🙂


I have a problem, I have another adaptor, but it doesn't focus, how can I fix it? I have a 7D. camera and the lens is a Vivitar 80-200mm 1:4.5 58mm. Amazing video btw

Vintage Pictures

With the new Canon EOS R Full Frame mirrorless camera, these old FD lenses will shoot up in price now because they can now adapt without the corrective glass elements.


Using FD lenses with a Fotasy FD to EF-M adapter works very nicely with my M3 and M6 mirrorless bodies, but you do still have the crop factor. I get very good results using focus peaking, and the all manual mode is a nice change of pace. I'm looking forward to Canon coming out with a full frame mirrorless body that can be adapted for FD lenses, and that I can hopefully afford. I still might try the Fotodiox on my 6D MkII body to compare results.


Nice bokeh! Do you work with anamorphic lenses?

John Almonte

Is there any advantage to changing the aperture with the adapter as opposed to changing it on the lens? Will the camera sensor read what aperture it's on, possibly?

brant morrison

I can't tell if it is the murky weather, the glass in the adapter, or something with the camera lens, but the images appear largely compromised. It looks as if I am suddenly having problems with cataracts.

I'd like that adapter to work, but in those photos I am just not convinced.

Michael T Shue Studios

Mathieu Stern started a facebook group for all the fans of vintage/weird lenses. You should join.


i have my dad's canon SLR with a FD 50mm F1.4 lens and i am using a Nikon D5300 , my question is will i be able to take clear pictures at F1.4 with this adapter ?? cos many people say that below F2.8 / 2 / 1.4 the adapter makes the whole picture blurry. nikon 50 mm with f1.4 /1.8 are pretty expensive

dzta Hydro

How you read exposure metering if the aperture is stuck in "00"?

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When using this FD to EOS style of adapter with the optical element it is best to stop down to at least f11 on your lens (actually f8 for metering due to light loss from adapter's optical element).
Shooting wide open using these adapters can give a soft focus fog filter halation effect — (not that there is anything wrong with that if it is your thing ...).
Both Novoflex and MTF have now produced hi end FD to EOS-R adapters — Cheap Chinese copies to follow in 2019 for sure.


I just bought a 35-70 f/2.8-3.5 Canon FD lens. I'm going to put it on my 5DS-R when it gets here and see what happens. I would've just bought a Sigma 24-70 Art series for the camera that I already have but it wasn't my fault that I bought the 5DS-R instead! Honestly, I thought someone would outbid me at $2,000 for it! But it didn't happen, and once you make the bid you can't retract it, so I had to buy it!

I'm just glad I showed some restraint and didn't buy a Petzval to go with it!

tony villalobos

I have a Rebel T6. It has a mirror... do I need glass or no glass adapter?


The more I learn, the less I know. I’d love to use FD lenses on a Canon EOS R. But what I’d love even more is for Canon to make an A-1 or AE-1 digital. Or better, digital AND film at the same time.


Does your 6D Mark ii record EXIF data when using an FD lens?

chinelo betserai

MARK i purchased a canon fd 35-105 beautiful glass when I first got it I could nt focus infinity on it and I thought they sold me a lemon lens but then i did research they say some adapters FD to Ef cant focus infinity on it i would love to know have you encountered this problem before

chinelo betserai

Pixco EMF Adjustable Aperture AF Confirm Canon FD Lens to Canon EOS EF Adapter NO GLASS  is i get a fotodiox  will that work

chinelo betserai

i got it on ebay for 9 bucks but i will try the fotodiox the canon fd glass are soooo beautiful thank you for your response and info

Joshua Graham

On my nikon I can tell the camera what the non f lens is to meter properly