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Daniel Mayo

I believe that this mark, called the Elon Musk's Neuralink, is the mark of the beast that John was talking about.

flowingjake 187

Sounds like SAO cant wait for that I'll volunteer for testing in a heart beat lol


It makes sense now... You can force people to go to Mars...

TheNumbingScorpian 207

Ok so merging with AI is cool and all but what if there was someone who hacked the device and took control of people or maybe kill them I don’t think this is a good idea in my opinion

Maureen Believes

17:58 Listen closely to what he says here describing 'what Neuralink wants to do'. "...give people the ability to tap into those representations"... "...get better access to THAT INFORMATION"... 18:14 ..." To ultimately GIVE US BETTER ACCESS ..." Yeah NO THANKS!

*Grizzly* Andre

Cyberpunk (before) 2077 is getting real 🙂 i´d do that with a contact lens to scan my medical condition and boost my brain XD But seriously. this is as close to cyberage as it has ever been

Joe Milbourne

So this is what he is telling us what this implant will do ...but what is he not telling us it will do? What else will they be able to do ? How much control will be held by others ? How much can they get a person to do against their will? ......... Thanks but ...but no thanks !! Poor old George Orwell is spinning in his grave for this is his worst nightmare ...1984 is going to happen if these people get their own way !!

orgone generator

he's nervous cause he's telling people that brain implants are here. The religious superstition alone, billions of religious people, their reaction could be unpredictable. They are going to have to ease people into this. This seems rushed for some reason. I would have thought maybe by 2028, but it's here. let's see what happens next. I would get one.

Sapient Secrets

I'm so down. At first I was nervous. But, its literally just an extension of our mind. Yall think they aren't already "controlling" your mind? Lol maybe learn something about marketing/subliminals/hypnosis/ NLP aka "neurologic linguistic programing"

AboveTheTaters [IBYS]

He's gonna end up being the mf dude in SAO who trapped everyone in it


lol, it's quite sick, especially his laugh...don't you guys think? we humans are doomed ...

Onepiece barca

but what does it do?
does it only control your phone

sip LeAN

Only a fool would put this in their brain lol


Mark of the freaking beast.

Good, God's word is coming to pass.

Micaiah Hunter

Gah lee, I really liked Elon but this seems a whole lot like the Mark of the Beast


Tesla would be disgusted with Elon...fk Elon


Fk Elon, he is peddling this Beast system tech for Satan himself...he has already merged with the Borg system and isn’t even human anymore...this is the Mark of the Beast...Do Not Take This Chip or Take of it!!!! The Most High has known about this moment since the beginning of time...

Alex Ujvary

but why did you steal the music from Forza 4???????????

Rumeysa Degirmenci

Good idea, but how do we comb the hair after a shower? especially girls who have long hair:/??

mike f

When I am asked what my dream job is I tell then I want to learn how to "patch" the brain to do away with mental illness. Has Neuralink considered this? I tried emailing the company but I received no response.

Amy Arakelyan Levine

Raping young guys? I say hang yourself, trash! You can't possibly approve this, Trump.

Danny Inman

Only because it’s a good presentation doesn’t make it a good idea !!