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So we’ve learned hipsters are just as douchey when they think no ones looking.

Егор Смирнов

for the security at home I trust Xeoma software, it's really the best!


3:14 that's what she said...................

Standards In life

James Bond wants to know your location

Will Ferrel

nice will put one to use for my upcoming certs


this is good gadget to check about your wife or husband if they cheating 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

James Richard Wiley

It says thirty dollar spy cameras — not 30 spy cameras.

AMD Guru

What a lousy place to work, just a bunch of stupid liberals


they are all crap they dont work or burn out after a week. Chinese making millions from selling crap that dont work. The girl in video is advertising for them probably from china too

P. Butler

Why does she wisper, does she feel more secret?

Raven Clark

Will the clock still work if it's not plugged in?

Kitty Kat Congregation

The apps for these cameras are not safe for your personal privacy.

David Simons

They have a gadget that finds cams with lights