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Eric Wright

ughhhh you're talking super fast and then your audio is horrible. I can't even focus on what the hell you're saying.

Megan Is cool

I have a sudden urge to buy a fidget cube
Is this normal?

The gaming Chicken

I was playing with a fidget cube while watching dis

Flynn Collett

I brought mine from a two dollar shop but my parents are really paid for it and it's actually a really good quality one

Calvin Edwards

I don’t use them anymore cuz they make me fall asleep XD

Albert Laure

When you tell your viewers heil hitler in a subtle way 4:00

John Carcher

The link to the fidget cubes no longer works. Just putting that out there everyone.

Alex. M the red ninja

And then i started to realise i seen you two in walmart before

Naffisa Abedin

Everybody- what is inside a fidget cube. Me- what is a fidget cube

Aisha Hashmi

I will buy a fidget cube for the airport😃 u should too if ur traveling soon

Emilyplay&origami Le

The joystick side if I use that a lot then it would make me get better at fortnite be I am bad at fortnite if u wanna 1v1 me your gonna win:(

Landon Adams

If you have a fidget cube play with one while watching it’s just fascinating to me