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Pendleton 115

It would be cool if this could plug into your home Wi-Fi network so you didn't need to connect to it manually everytime, and it would work as long as you were connected to your home Wi-Fi.


I read the title and thought what the hell does it do.

Jean-Claude Ben

I wouldn't buy a receiver not compatible with dvb-t2 and hevc,

FML 2018

Had to stop @6:39 just to take in the fact the he plays pubg


I just KNEW that I had heard that sound effect at the end of your videos on the shot of the reel to reel ...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6l0Hr3W7aI&feature=player_embedded It's the Death Probe from Six Million Dollar man !

James Slick
For the international crowd, free TV in the US is often called OTA (Over the air). I have a Hauppauge WinTV device that is actually a "hybrid" unit, capable of receiving the old analog OTA NTSC, The newer ATSC OTA as well as SDTV RCA inputs. It is a USB "stick" that (like yours) came with a tiny telescopic antenna. It allows recording to my PC's HDD. (I bought this specifically for the RCA cable input and recording function to digitize whatever VHS,Beta or 8mm tape comes my way nowadays.) I often use it to watch the local news in… Read more »
James Lee

i have some android apks that came with channels like this

steve c

Have you tried the tiny dvb-t receivers that plug directly into the phone? It still needs a sketchy app from China but the app is free and you don't have to bother with Wi-Fi.

Geoffrey Vandervoort

Cool device! Sadly, DVB-T is being discontinued here in Belgium. Budget cuts and all that. But it sure looks like you could use it when camping outdours somewhere in the UK!

Adam Stickley

That is a very cool device!
Would it work in the US also I assume?

Reagan Dow

I would think this would be a great device if it connected via Bluetooth but WiFi? Now that certainly lowers the amount of use you can get out of it!! We can only hope there has been progress in the past 3 years since it came out and maybe there is one available.



11 11

does anyone know if this will work or is available in the US

Ferguson Videostar

"DBT405" — the "405" isn't the line standard, is it? 😛

Drunkle Stan

Have you ever considered checking out those old video senders from the 80s/90s?

John C

This device would be great in say a caravan or tent when camping

Lucas Nencetti

they make one of these in the usa atsc . tzumi magic tv and i have one and its ok . at work it dose not work but at my house it works . i have to bring it to my friends house to see if it is going to work before i say its hit or miss and when i have my out door church party i am going to test it to.

Pqrst Zxerty
Um, As August has a brand base in the UK, and sold on the high street too, the box should say additional software required and not included and may occur addititional cost and August Technical does not support this software. Basically this software App could be considered as a driver. I do wonder as these tuner chipsets are the same that with Linux it is builtin to the Kernel, thus VLC or Linux tuner player would work with it, Being a wifi device it may not as proberly its a slingbox driver not a tuner driver. I bet someone in… Read more »

What aerial do you use for your house TV? 127 channels is great!

RocKiteman _ 2001

At 07:38 in the video:

Andre Thibodeaux

interesting device. i have the HD Homerun from Silicon Dust at my house, it's a device that connects to one's home network (via Cat5) and connects to an external antenna that "pipes" out the TV signal over your network, uses free apps for windows, mac, iOS, android, PS4, etc. a bit of a different execution, but conceptually similar.

Mark Markofkane

It's great if you live close to a major city. But out in the country, you need an outside antenna up about 15 feet or more high.


I use a roof dipole and can pick up maybe seven to fifteen channels (depending on if you count watchability as a factor, some are just radio) because in Canada we don't have NEARLY as much television variety. The idea of 127 free channels boggles my damn mind. However, all of our channels are in full HD which doesn't seem to be displaying all the time on yours.

Bryant Floyd

Does it do United States ATSC 720p/60fps and 1080i/30fps?

All Abroad

Why would you need anything like this now when all channels have website catch up sites now and even live tv

Matt B
There are two things I don't understand (not being digitally-minded).A) Does the Wi-Fi signal of this thing interfere with the Wi-Fi signal from one's internet router? I. e., is another person in the house getting bad internet reception on their laptop if I am in another room powering on this device in order to watch TV on my tablet?B) If I watch TV on my tablet using this device, I have to choose it as my Wi-Fi source. I assume that I cannot simultaneously be connected to a second Wi-Fi source? So I cannot be connected to the internet at… Read more »
António Jose Beltrão

is this workable to connect the coaxial bit that comes with this device in to a tv and get free TV channels?
Many thanks


Would be very useful in a motorhome or Caravan