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Glenn Davis

When State Patrol pulls you over and asks why part of your California license plate is obstructed by an after market hack job installation, hand him the business card for your attorney. Plead insanity at your court appearance.

micheal terhune

i just bought a aftermarket radio gps and back up camera not a wireless one. i need a vidoe to feed the wireing from the back to the radio. my car model is a 2000 chrysler lhs witch is the same as the concord and 300 of the same year.

Grant Richards
I just installed a similar Yada camera (BT54860-50) on a 2010 Grand Caravan. This video was of very little help because it didn't show how to take apart the inner door or how to route the cable through it. Here are a couple of helpful hints:1. On the 2010 you must completely remove the 2 parts of the hatch inner cover.2. You can feed the cable into the hatch without drilling holes by loosening the latch-handle cover and feeding it through there.3. Where possible, follow the vehicles own wire harness but be careful not to leave the wire blocking any… Read more »
JP Davis

Had a bit of a chuckle when I noticed the factory reverse camera near the left license plate light at 1:46 🙂 Good video though as we are planning on purchasing a similar van in the next few months. Nice clear explanation overall.