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Syed Haider ali shah

He tells everyone, on there faces “ I am not the NEW KID you’re can just follow or push around “ they all running away from him 🤫🤭

Jason rigsby

I don't even think i should say. You look like Jack.

Deee Point Ceee

I hear that song every day mannnnnn ,,,,,,,,,, love you ,,,,,,,, greetings from Austria

Lee Hughes

Love Yelawolf he is a breth of fresh air hip hop needed love his gritty dirty South unique style . Bloody Sunday & pop the trunk his my faveraite tracks got to get his album Trunk muzik 3 . Blessed I'm out peace . 🎧🧢🐎💯

Matthew Mucha

Yela! Where you been? I'm still waiting for a new album

Wildman 1056

i wish i was that guy who got shot i need that person to shoot me

Michael McDaniel

Go on brother, speaking singing about life! peace and love...keep on!!!!

Z-Levi Monteiro

This song in the movie John Wick was going to be sensational