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dum boy

The shower/clean room tip isn't something I'd be comfortable doing, with excessive moisture around. The best way I found to have a mini cleanroom is to have a 120mm fan blowing towards the top on top of whatever you're working on. This sucks away any dust that would fall on there


As soon as I heard you slurp your coffee I had to check my mug. Yep still some there, cool. Ok, continue with video...


It's not the sensor that you're actually cleaning but a low pass filter glass that protects the sensor. Yes I have cleaned my protective glass on the sensor several times, and there's nothing to fear if you know what you're doing

Timothy Mathews

Do you re-use your microfibre cloths or do you always buy new ones? If you reuse them, how do you clean them? I've heard some say with just water, some with soap, some say only use packaged moist and dry lens wipes that are one use only. I'd really like to know where you stand on this.


You've just made me realise when I got my new camera there was a smidge on the sensor. I don't think it was new now...hmm.

Think Tank

How the chit did you get all of these Subs!! I think its showing direction of youth. Sick of negative people. You dont give negative ANY time. Never heard you mention conflict with Trolls. And never give it a second. Stay flamboyant, some dont like it because theyve got no concept of energy being released in a good way. So they criticize you saying ur hyper. I say where's that channel!! Yeah, where sick and tired of negative trolls. You dont even give them crumbs, not from what ive seen. And never do.

Think Tank

Dont forget you can point a fan towards outside area of room working in. This will create a negative pressure in room. Pulling debree away. Shower steam will attract lint etc. And pull down to floor, or fan will get it. Work at far end, in a burble zone where air is just being pulled away from you. Bathrooms can work. Need strong fart fan, or get another one.

Peter McKinnon

What is the FILTHIEST your camera gear has EVER been? Stories below!


Do you own a pet...especially a cat...I can only imagine you trying to clean that sensor with cat hair flying around...I have one...and I am so paranoid about the hair flying around...And it's almost impossible to get all the hair cleaned up...it stick's to everything...especially your coat or shirt...


Listen close... know what the inside of your camera bag is made of. A lot of them after time will get dry and they will send zillions of micofibers all into your camera !


Wow! It's Jon Snow! I thought you knew nothing? Me, I use a grinder...works wonders.


Killed my damn camera cleaning it. Just couldn't get a spot out of the video.

Rell Burke

LOL lil bit of science in this one with the shower tip! Niceeee

Shay Bourne

You used the dirty side of your lens cloth on your lens, I'd never do that, I always use disposable lens wipes never reuse a lens wipe/cloth it's like using sandpaper on the lens.

Dianne Phillip

Hi Peter, Im investing in a camera for my business and I came across your channel through research. I immediately had to subscribe! love your personality! not only are the vids informative, but they fun and entertaining too.


Nice one I will be cleaning mine later it needs it very well put together . cheers

Ryan Roga

3:55 air hits the sensor, shoots off in all directions where it blows dust loose in all sorts of other parts of the camera, and that dust then settles on the sensor. Trust me, I've been there. There is absolutely no point in attempting to use compressed air... unless you really enjoy that feeling of woe and regret upon realizing you now need to open it up once more and do it all over again.

ronald ferreira

use a laser and see if can still see particals after the hot shower