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Jay Rutter

Great video and review bro but is it better than the M18 projector? Thanks

X0xAlpha Wolfx0X

Was actually looking into buying this. I really want something that i can game on. Thank you for being a voice on the subject!

Jordan Brown

back with a fkin bang. welcome back Yeti


I would've said f'ck it and sent it back on the IR remote. Thats tech from like the 1970 and for $200 it's gotta work. Great review and video as always !!

Aaron Wilhelm

Great job man! I have a massive wall that would be great for a projector, I've just never really explored them as an option. This one looks great actually, agreed with you on the colors though. Also, I appreciate you keeping it real with your language too dude lol

IgnaBape 04

Wow wow wow you improve the Quality of the videooooo a Lot is aweeepiccc!!!!


Say that old intro that u used to do yeti! And also use the old intro music in ur upcoming videos!!!

Gaurav Sinhamahapatra

Damn the setup looks dope and so do you! Amazing work as always! Love Yeti ♥️