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A tip on power cables.
I like to make two copies of labels with a label printer containing voltage rating, amperage, and the device description. I place one label on the device and other on the cable.

It's surprising how many devices don't have voltage/amperage requirements on the device so in my opinion it is important to print labels before the plugs get lost.

Winston Smith

That DLP projector — 1.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The Embedded Hobbyist

Did not know there is a lipo battery standard for connector polarity? I always check first to reduce letting the magic smoke out as it's so hard to get it back in.8-)

Salvador Liébana

add an micro hdmi input to that projector if its possible to hack that!

Steve Taylor

Blood and smoke and solder, oh my! Looking forward to your next one, and the sbc reviews also. Thanks. 🙂

Dejan Petrović

That Maker Display... I get one without LiPo battery connector. I see now it is safer for me. 😀


Thanks Mick ! Always a pleasure to watch your videos !

Patrick Flé

Do you have a PO box, mate? I can't go on watching you cut yourself! Borderline?


Is this better for than a pie , I’m a local to you. ... Rick...I dig your honesty...and
vids...I’m talking about banana pie versus raspberry 3b ...yer I no a git. Sketch or 2 , fuck Bunnings, support a Aussie store ,

Christopher Guy

Great stuff, looking forward to those boards, but it's time to junk the 8266 and use the more capable ESP-32 in its place.


you are no longer allowed to use sharp objects


Blood loss from just filming a vid about electronics...

EVERYTHING in Australia will try to kill you

Tony Lewis

While its overkill for most people, might want to grab a Jetson Nano to review. Mine just showed last week

Remco Stoutjesdijk

I'm having serious storage envy. That trolley is gorgeous.

Kay Ferrari

I keep forgetting to hit the like button, but this time as i remembered, i lolled at the 3 people who have given a thumbs down lol.
Where do they come from? 😀

Ian H

The Allwinner SoCs are so good now days, not that I think they were bad just they have so much more support now. If I recall correctly most of the H series got Linux kernel support last year. But they always seemed to have quite a devoted following. I like the value they offer, so fast, so cheap and given I am so tight it is a match made in heaven 😛

Kay Ferrari

Hey everyone, i was just reading Tutto's comment about a portable Bluetooth speaker when i thought i'd tell you about my set up. I use a Yamaha AG06 which is a soundcard and mixer aio. Every device in my house is plugged into the mixer and i have the outlet connected to a Bluetooth transmitter giving me the choice to pair headphones or have my Pioneer sterio playing whichever device i'm using at the time.


Great find with the Food Service trolley and those small parts boxes.
$5.00 each is a real steal for that type of thing. You better fill it quick before they are gone.

Beats my old blueprint draws and the hassle of cardboard boxes .

Kay Ferrari

That was a great video, i even Googled what is a Buck Converter. Good job those boards with the dodgy power connector were only prototypes. Imagine if they'd made 2 million of them. Glad you found a solution for your storage problem.
I wonder if a good idea would be to put your components into individual plastic bags and pinning them to the wall using drawing pins? That way you can see them without having to open drawers and have nice orderly lines of them pinned to the wall.
By the way, loved that little projector.
Cheers Mick!

Afrikaner Stoppelbaard

At 17:45 part-db helps catalogise your elecotrncica parts, from component level, to device. So one can generate a BOM. Very useful and open source 🙂
#easylab4kids recommends https://github.com/Part-DB/Part-DB

Timothy Stark

How did you hold your hands so steady when looking at the banana pi boards? No caffeine for you?

Kean Maizels
With those trolleys, it is important to note that you need the version that takes 600x400mm baking trays — the "Gastronorm" standard is based on some other weird sizes, but that word is often included by sellers as a search term.I've got a single wide but taller version of the trolley in the lab that I use with 300x400mm cafeteria trays to hold various "work in progress" projects, but I may get another like the one Mick has for holding Tactix boxes in the downstairs workshop. I didn't realise the Tactix boxes would fit in there until Mick asked about it.And… Read more »

I hate that they haven't standardized the polarity of the lipo connectors. Yuk!!


@MickMake matey, any chance you would do a trade of one of those LED matrix boards for something? Raspi zero? or cash? even!!


I like to see more of your work with ATTINY416, I am a bit of a noob, suck it and see type. The other chip ATTINY88, who said it is identical to ATMEGA8, pinout is the same but no serial... I managed to make it work running at 16MHz, interesting MCU but really simple device and no it isn't cheap to compare with like ATMEGA328.


If you hold down the right button while powering that up, it'll probably speak some version of Allwinner's FEL bootloader protocol over USB.

आदित्य Aditya मेहेंदळे Mehendale
आदित्य Aditya मेहेंदळे Mehendale

The banana-pi has remarkable wound-healing properties 🙂


I've also been burned (literally) by reversed lipo connectors...

David Dennis

Oh and love the storage container pro tip. I built a rack in order to store mine. Mounted to the wall in my shop. Not as good of a solution as yours.

David Dennis

When designing an I2C interface it is really easy to mess up the setup and hold times in your VHDL code. Been awhile but there are some conditions where setup time = 0. We have a customer who’s name I can’t mention but rhymes with dapple. They are very insistent you get these details right.

Peppe Kerstens

That trolley is nice! I'm seeing some i2c analyzer (?) data stream screenshots...could you shed some light (video/web article (s)?) on how you programmed your library and (mainly) which tools/software you used to 'see' that i2c data? It does seem like something else than a logic analyzer...? This might be 'next level' to some, but also be very helpful when bug finding...


My first arduino programmer was a rasberry pi 3b. Had problems trying to upload using a 9 yr old windows laptop and a 2009 macbook white. Did you try that led matrix on rpi as well?

John Macrae

Feeling somewhat wiffy starved this week. Some nice projects though 😀👍


Not my place to tell you what content you should have or not have in your videos but please, in the future no blood.

Poppa Bear does

Another awesome video Mic keep it up. Wondering how your going to hack the little dlp.


We have Bunnings in New Zealand but they have to compete with Mitre10.