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Jackson Pretto

Hey Men AM a big fan of yours, keep up the good work, heres a question for you mate, i sold my gp80 recently and now AM on the look out for a 4k ir even a true 1080p projector but as allways AM on a budget, só wich one is the best budget Native 4k and 1080p projector?

Darren Halkett

hey man i noticed you love doing these projector tests so i was wondering if you know anything about this, Optoma LV130 WVGA Palm-Size Projector, it looks nice but theirs no real info on it anywhere??

AxialRoCat Vas

Good review. Thanks for the info. I will probably buy this one soon.


How did you manage to hook up your sound bar? What soundbar is that?


Hi Casey. I was wondering if you could give me an idea of how this projector performs in ambient light? I might be interested in picking up this projector, but I'm a little concerned regarding the brightness of this unit. Did you have a chance to test it with ambient light and what were the results? Thanks

Britney Munoz

I am thinking of buying this video projector iliketogo.shop/s/1g3/ the high ratings and reviews are convinncing

Hải Đăng Trần

Is this one better than the Goodee in term of sound and image quality?

eva zheng

Thanks for the review. My friend recommends a similar video projector (ONE·MIX video projector) to me, it comes with a projector, a stand, a remote control, a bag and a hdmi cable, only costs 74.99 (recently it is on promotion, more cheaper) , anyone has an idea?

Stephan L

Hey how do you hook up external audio to this? Any way?

young Hurensohn

Fortnite is actually better on a small screen than a huge one

Casey, ily man but... you can’t call a projector a gaming projector unless you have either factory specs stating the latency is less than 20ms or you have the equipment to test and show video documentation of the exact number pertaining to your test results. The view sonic one you have reviewed/unboxed has 16.7ms lag/latency. My last tv, a 65” Samsung ks8000, was listed at 22ms in game mode and was perfectly playable. Also, I’ve almost never seen you go through and show whether a model has a built in game mode, which tbh should be mentioned on every model… Read more »
nino mendoza

Hey bud, I only have 10 ft of room (wall to wall) will u still recommend me to get this? I’m planning to set up a 100 in projector screen, u think it would work with my tiny bed room size?


has anyone tried pairing this projector with Amazon's Fire TV or Xiaomi mi box s?

Roland Rohde

It's really a pity, that we don't get any more precise input lag info than "not too bad". I would love to know whether this is closer to 20ms or 100ms...

David Boggs

Every comment on here seems like a bot is promoting other projectors by the same branch of company's linked to the base. HAHAHA .
This is hilarious.

Mario Benalcázar

Grettings from Ecuador! Can you make a review of the new vankyo v600 please

Frog - Tech - Tips

can you do review for some full HD projector

Erik Ramirez

The thing is worth 80 bucks tops, look up projector on amazon youll get way better quality for the price

Holger Frö

Did u measure the noise output?
The decibell in about a meter distance would be and interesting and yet important info


Can anyone tell me what the latency is on this projector

SkiiSlope Corbs

Because of that MikeWillMadeIt video insert I subscribed... sick ass mf

Robb W

Casey you looked at the vankyo v600 yet I messaged u on your fb page

Anon Mason

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Medo Mathkour

Can I use this just projecting on my wall


I'm torn between this or the Abox A6. Can any one make a good recommendation?


What was the perverted thing you said? 💦🍆😊👍

Mikey Ford

I currently have the GP 100 please let me know if it’s worth upgrading