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mathew haggy

Uh huh a 1000 dollar projector, how is that cheap??, I can get a 75 inch 4k tv for less than that

Giang Lê

Just looking at the video quality makes me subscribe right away

Odin Perez

I am thinking of buying this video projector fancyonline.shop/101 by the price, reviews and ratings it looks like its the best!

Juan Amaro

Does it have a sd card slot? Will be awesome if it did.

Mark Williams

Are sound bars like a Dolby Atmos good enough system for the projector ? Doesn’t seem like cords can reach the ceiling


How far does the projector needs to be for a 120 inch screen?


VaJezatha Payne-Hines

thank you, working on research for my Christmas gift my husband's going to buy 😋

Unmei Tobaku
I had this same projector... it looked very cool when i unboxed it... but when i started watching videos on it... it made very feel nauseated 🤢 and it turns out I wasn't the only one... other people had also reported this same issue... also this projector 📽 has 17 issues i found including horrible black levels...Here is the list of flaws i see in this projector, 1. The black level on this projector is pretty appalling... i was watching a movie called game night in a darkish room with thick blinds covering the windows at night, it was playing… Read more »

low budget ?! its fucking 1 thousan dollars !!!

Scott Lee Clayton

The 727 is actually a better projector for films and games as it's got better contrast levels and black levels. If you want to display pie charts and spreadsheets this is the projector for you.

Pilot Hound

Does pixel shifting strain the graphics card more than 1080p or same? Cheers 🤘

Chill Bill

Specs are nothing if the picture quality is shit...


The only downside of any projector is short light bulb life and needing to replace it. Hopefully someday we'll get longer lasting bulbs as technology advances.

Julien Ju

Awesome Video! I'm really interested on buying this projector based on this review as it also fits my budget. However, what would be your recommendation to connect my PS4 pro & my soundbar Sony z9f ?

Robster Vienna

the dmd chip is getting smaller and smaller... lets have a look when the first mirrors get stuck...


Has anyone moved from an Optoma HD143X HDMI 3000 ANSI Lumens Projector to this ViewSonic and felt the difference was worthwhile?


4000 hour light bulb...not good
Black boarder that u can't minimize...not good
10 watts speaker...not good
$1000...not good
Cool remote tho...👻👻👻

David B

Thanks so much for your time and great video. I was hoping to get one but just didn't know what was the best thing for my but I think you made that easy for me now.


Is it Bluetooth? Can I use it on my Bluetooth stereo?


Great review... which one is all round better this one or the Benq TK800?

Want one for ps4 gaming and streaming films... plz can anyone help.

It will be my first projector. Thanx


Nice list!
You will be blown away with the more expensive projectors on Amazon in this video: https://youtu.be/ZJZQLmB2EYw

Nomadic Dmitry

Never thought that Fred Durst has a YouTube channel. But I guess I should take a look around more frequently.

Anurag Borad

Is it still the best one to buy. I am thinking to get it now as per your opinion.

cs tuned ready to race

Does it have a feature where u can change the angle o the screen like if it projecting in to a wall that its angled

The Revolution Will Not Be Youtubed

Optoma HD20 still the best projector for it's price all these years later. Full HD and you can find a used one for 200 bucks. Mine is almost 10 years old and I still love it. Replacement bulbs are about 40 bucks and I only replace about once every 2 years.

Zook Inthe6ix

My 65 inch tv just died on me. What would you guys recommend as a good replacement (projector). Definitely a short throw and I would like to stick with a 4K device. The unit would be in a basement setting so natural light is minimal however it would be used for both movies / games.


Sorry but I have a LG 4K and God of war u were playing and urs looks like SHIT Sorry just being honest, looks nothing like 4K !!!!

Britney Munoz

I am thinking of buying this video projector iliketogo.shop/s/1ga/ the high ratings and reviews are convinncing

Candid Tech TV

Nice review definitely not a bad price for 4k at all!

DeJai Joyce

Hey could you recommend a decent led 3d projector I have Ben trying to find one and there is so many out there with shutter 3d or passive is what it is called I think you have great videos bro thanku for them

Nathan Ryan

Bought the toumei projector based on your review and its bulshit and its a piece of crap !! Sound for the bulshit advice 👍👍

JL Jones

That projector WOULD royally brake my little bank, a grand?..Seriously!?


Whats the closest you can go to get 120”?

Charlie B.

Am I able to project pictures from my phone?

Ollie Cole

"Not breaking the bank"
Its 1 grand spits out coffee

610 Sound Productions

Well actually most gamers don’t want the screen that big.

Shavin McCrotch

On what planet do $1000+ televisions fall under the affordable category? 🙄

T¡nfo¡l Hat

People need to stop being materialistic. Buy buy buy. Like you arent being drip fed technology to squeeze all tour money out.

The Sky Pod

Can you play video files directly off the usb port via thumb drive ?

Collin Fields

Does this projector have to be centered in front of your screen or can it be set up to one side?