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Stephen Burton

Looks impressive, but seems very pricey.

Devin Johns

Nice, I think 4K is the best resolution for a projector since you're dealing with such a huge picture

wayne tyson

Excellent, would have bought at scan as i have spent Thousands there on 3xs and other rigs etc. but i paid £263.64 less for it sorry scan 🙁


I have the Optoma HD82, considering upgrading to the UHD60 ... you think it's worth or not yet?

Ionescu George Alexandru

How does the UHD300x compare to UHD40?

Manuel J Fdez Reyes

I found this video cos i wanna upgrade my optoma to 4k, and i was looking this to models, well the thing is that when i see the video comparing the two projectors i see a lot of more details in the dark images on the 300 model than in the 60 model. I was expecting the oposite thing more dark details on the 60 than the 300 so now im confused which one to buy...

Demon Cauldron

Just got mine on amazon prime day for £799...speechless. Cannot wait 🙂

john rawlins

I play a lot of old black n white movies and some 1080p blu rays how would this be any good for me

Mario Guidi Social

It fits perfectly in fron my bed 🙂