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J west

The only way I would buy one of these is if it was 720p as well as having the hdmi input; especially when there so expensive.

Jake B

That power supply has to be poorly designed. No way this thing needs more power than a blow drier or heater

Khay Alpizar

Or among a group of friends if you have them ( Austin words)

Jesus :/

😂😂😂who else watching this and there not gonna buy the projected thingy

And just came here cause Austin is the best or just came to like

562Frank Rivers

I can’t find you YouTube page I had to go in to my notifications to see this...looks kool I like it


A fellow chair owner *that can do this*, respect

Tori Clarke

Aw I really wanted you to show us the actual projection on the wall behind you 😭

Retreaux Nintendeaux

Call Guinness... I think we have new a record for number of "boasts" in a 7-minute video!! LOL 🤣😂

kisa Chudley

I don't trust it if it's not dune from Nintendo

Collin Brooks

Wait, you void the warranty to change the batteries?! wtf

Stingray Stingray

Buy an HDMI to VGA, for $10 off Amazon and you can use whatever projector you want. Why waste money on these. I have a projector at home I can use and the ones at my job work with just this 1 cable. For sound I plug in some standard external speakers to the headphone jack on the Switch and I’m projecting my games on my garage door with great sound for around $100 total. These things are gimmicky in my opinion.

Mister thief

-does a review video on a projector, doesn’t show it projecting with the switch in the dock ._. Logic 👌🤷‍♂️

Octarian Human217

Bet your regretting a Minecraft tattoo as a youtuber in 2019


I’d go with the og in a heart beat. Just the fact that it isn’t exclusive to the switch is more important to me.

David French

Do you still do the ultra sun giveaways?

Kirby Hypno

Don't forget the largest competitor:

The school wall projectors

Takeshi Blue

I feel like you tried hard to say only decent things about it.