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I really hope the 6K price point is incorrect as I am looking at this pj for a while now. Would be a shame if 6K is really the price for it. Really hope it includes 3D also. 3D on a 120" screen would look AWESOME!!!

Ab. Su.

For 1.500$ its okay. But 2.000$ or more is not realistic. The Viewsonic X-10 4K and Optoma P1 are ready for Action.

Thong Tran

If it is $6000, i will get optoma P1 that will just $3000


Confirmed B&H pre-orders for $5,996.99 ... what a disappointment. Makes my new theater setup easier now that we know this info. Was hoping $4,000 but $6k?.. shame on you LG

Christopher Hayden

BHPHOTOVIDEO just started taking pre-orders yesterday. $6000. If that's for real, then LOL!!! 😂

S Sing

Fing sweet!!! This thing is going to rock. Have their new portable one and want this for another room

Mike Ritchey

When is the release date and price going to be revealed?

Gaetano Faleo

This product teasing has been going forever! Release date (August?) and price ($5000—6000?) plz LG, thanks!


Black, not white LG. Home theater projectors need to be black. Especially when they're 2 inches away from the wall and screen. You don't want anything white and glossy that close to reflect light right back at your screen. Think first, and for gods sake quit with simulated images. Give us real world images.