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Siddharth Vlogs

Small error in the video ... the projector is actually 1650 USD when it release to the public .

Shahid Mehmood

You should change your youtube cover photo, Love from Pakistan

sarthak bhave

Great video bhaiya
Aapke efforts are like 💯 the subscriber count can't justify the amount of hard work you put in to .
But I have noticed that whenever you upload a Collab video that video gets a good amount of views so if you could make more of some big Collab video to just jump start your channel it would be a great thing. Eg Collab with TG if possible

Siddharth Kamath

Oh god, that projector is so good !!!


That was the best review till now and u must try gran turismo if are into racing


Still u have 25 k subscriber ? Sid I like Ur video very much but whats issue between u and YouTube?? Why Ur subscriber count is not increasing... I had asked u this question 2 time but u not replied properly last time