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Good review, but the fireworks part was utterly POINTLESS and extremely annoying.

Geoffrey Schulz

You should stick to fireworks, since you know nothing about video projectors. There was nothing of value or use in this review. The only spec you discussed was contrast ratio.

Vatsala Manohar

Dhoomra rahit rahna jyda surachit hai neela peela lic etv item

He Ka

so just so people know, the Native resolution on these things are : Deeplee = 800 x 480 | Vankyo = 800 x 480 | Alfawise = 854 x 480 . Don't understand why he didn't mention it.

Pieter Talboom

Does a chromecast work with the vankyo projector?

Eric Thomas

In my opinion you're better off just saving your money and spending $600 on a fairly decent projector. Because these look bad


Funny that you mentioned that the edges are a little blurry. I was an amc theater recently and for the first time noticed that the edges of the image was blurry. Something I had never noticed before. Also the adaptor has issues because of the copy protection used it is detected by the adaptor and therefore will block the video but not the audio.

Leading College

can i use PowerPoint for teaching vankyo?


Vankyo could have been a better choice but they put HDMI and USB side by side that you cant plug both into the device at once. The other two devices didnt make that mistake.

Danielle Burton

So I purchased the vankyo leisure 410. I was wondering when the time comes where would I purchase a new bulb?


The Lumen ratings and lifespan on these are bullshit lol. I opened one ho and it's being powered by a single led.


Stop complaining about the fireworks obviously the guy has a sense of humor. For God say it's really hard to make a text video and make it funny. people expect other folks to be perfect when they're not.


I have one and it is from ivolum and it works perfectly, i can project on light colored walls and it is easy to use


ALL RIGHT COMEON YA GOT THIS! instantly fucks up


I just skipped all the stupid fireworks as they were pointless to the review process

zaX bek

The fireworks were annoying. Good review but like stop on turn it down. I kept turned my volume up and down


I like fireworks so I didn't mind. No crying here 😂


Fireworks are fine, but the volume was irritatingly high. Adjust the volume and all good.


I dont get the fire works thing...but fuck it it is funny


Decent review. That said check out a channel like explosionsandfire/extractionsandire if you want to move on to adult fireworks.

Side note: 🍎 products...c'mon your better than that

Nathan Waack

Came for a projector review. Instead got super loud fireworks blasting through my speakers at midnight. Now I get to try to put my kid back to sleep. Your video sucks and you suck. I'll be sure to never watch anything on your channel again.


why were the fireworx so freakin loud???..actualy...why were the fireworx?

Shane Armstrong

Uhh just wanna say, starting your video with loud explosions could be bad for headphone users or peeps with speakers cranked loud. I just got spooked so bad lol

Stephen Presley

Anybody know if any of these will work with Xbox One X
or PS4?


The audio wasn't working because iPhones suck nards.

chris anders

Good review but thumbs down because of the fireworks


Good video, but what was the point in the fireworks...

Marcus Lemons

tests three projectors "These are the top 3"

Danyell Daniels

So how do you get the audio to work with the second projector while watching Netflix?


Interesting......u don't need the Fireworks tho