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Andreas Hung

Hi Majestechs, what was the interface shown at 4:36?


Subscribed! Great review and so glad you mentioned fan and ancillary noise. It can be very distracting during a movie unless you dial up the audio to mask it. Would you say this is a good upgrade if you already have an Optoma 1080p 3000 lumens 143X?


Any recommendation on a 4K projector that would be especially good with animation? I'm coming from an old CRT projector that had great colors and black level, but lacked sharpness.

Jonathan Gairing

Really watching these 4k projectors closely. For a 4k projector it's cheap but still too much for me sadly. I did pick up a gt1080darbee for around $500 and loving that. When they make a gt4kdarbee I will make the switch to 4k. Have a 165 inch screen and would love the extra resolution.

Philip Yuditsky

Can you give us your color settings collaborated

Daho_ Lifestyles

im thinking bout getting a viewsonic, can you put a amazon firestick into the port and run it?

veethevee Vong

Its a piece of crap. the Xiaomi, Hisense, and HP are much better.

Kerree Drake

Thanks for the review. I'm buildimg a new home theatre. I'd like a 150-170 inch screen. I'm looking for a cheap 4k projector that can fill my 2:35 ratio screen. What projector would u recommend? I have about 15 ft x 22 ft of space. The screen is on the 22ft wall.

David Farris

How do these stack up against and native 4k projector.

Raider Fan

When viewing HDR content, is there an indicator that gives feedback that HDR is enabled? It’s helpful for diagnosing receiver and cabling issues.

Keya Kinan

5:05 seeing the rainbow effects made me cringe so hard. DLP are great quality for the price, I just CANNOT watch anything on a DLP...

molly lee

can we invite you to review our items sold in Amazon?


Woah, woah, woah... So what you're saying is that this is marketing buzzword "4K". Not TRUE 4K. Being "like 4K" is not 4K. Avoid. For sure!

That's like the old scam-tastic "1080p" marketing material before 1080p/Full-HD sets could display 1080 at proper 1080p60. They'd still call them 1080p even though they only displayed 1080p resolutions but at half the framerate.
I also wonder what the coloured-light output is, since the ANSI-lumen spec means virtually nothing except how bright a white image can be projected. Coloured-light lumen output is one of the very most important things to find out about a projector!

Anthony Martin

I want to use this with the 2018 iPad Pro that can output 4k in HDR mode. Can this device handle the true resolution output by the iPad or it going to be some kind of fake 4k due to pixel shifting?

My Stupid Reviews

am thinking of a uhd51 as i love 3d i can pick one up for uk pounds 1090. i need 3d and a small room so 10 feet max distance, probably 9ish. is that the best or is there better at the 1300 uk pound range. it usually equates equall to us dollar


I just purchased the view sonic px747 and I bought a Onkyo 7.1 ht-S9800thx what would you recommend is the best choice hdmi to connect them ?


Dude your the man. Thanks for the video

vipul gudoori

Is the light border/halo effect too annoying and is it impossible to avoid? Does it happen all the time?

Jordan Bryan
Hey Bro, love your videos they're very informative. I have a question regarding input lag and ways to improve it with this projector, if I'm only using 720p or 1080 sources such as the original ps4 would that improve input lag since I'm not utilizing the 4k? Second : can this projector drop down its native resolution to just 1080p or 720p essentially shutting off the 4k feature as a way to play 720 p content improving lag times. The reason I ask is I want a 4k projector for movies but I also want to be able to game… Read more »
Wil Goku

Chris help! Thanks for all the great vids man. Helped me learn a lot about these new 4k projectors. I'm confused about this contrast ratio rating. There seems to be such a great difference. I think I'm missing something? This 747 has a 12000 to 1 while the optoma uhd60 has
1million to 1 contrast ratio. Seems like quite the difference. Can you explain the contrast ratio and does it mean much when it comes to the picture? Any info will help me out. Thank you!

Manuel G

How is this projector compared to the optima uhd60 in terms of performance for all day viewing. UHD is 3000 lumens versus 747 at 3500, thoughts?

Randy Siggers
Good review. I have a 154" screen with a 19' throw (11' elevation) and it is in an inverted ceiling mount. Thus far, it is working very well and (after a lot of work to get the screen size correct) the halo is essentially gone. The HDR and 4K look pretty amazing. It's in my living room with a 22' ceiling and a lot of windows (with nice shutters) and even during the day with a good amount of ambient light it looks nice. I use it for gaming/movies/TV and it works very well for VR parties. The player is… Read more »
Scott Lee Clayton

Great reviews and channel well done. thanks

Dennis Bignell

would you know the lumens on movie mode?

Csaba S

Hi! Could you comment on rainbow effect? My eyes are very sensitive to that, that's why right now I have a 3lcd epson projector. I noticed some rainbows at 5:17 but can't tell if it's some interference between screen and the camera.

tibor vig

Magyarul van , mégse érteni. Zagyvaság ! Köszönöm, csak így tovább ! Sűrű a setét éj.


If I was spending $1400 for a 4K projector what should I go with ?