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Arben Sulejmani

Why on the black version dont stay the name "vivibright?


Hey, projector seems cool, but why are all the reviews on gearbest — fake?

Mono Pilot

This is EXACTLY what I need for performance and price, thank you!

M. Contr3ras

thank you for the review, does this unit have 3d capabilities also? if not could you recommend something that is "NATIVE 1080p" with 3D... thank you PEACE 🙂


Hello. Can you tell me which video processor chip it has ?


best review of Chinese budget projector I have ever seen!!..love the way you compare to a conventional projector like optima......would love to see you do this for vankyo v600...thank you!

Arben Sulejmani

Is the "aun f30 (white color)" the same projektor?

Jayce Ooi

Please like this video. Will giveaway once reached 100 likes. Thanks.!!!

Arben Sulejmani

What u mean with optoma hd29 and f30?

Chris Cobb

Maybe they sent you a nice one, but i have received 2 replacements & sent both back~ first had stretches on the lens & some type of smudge that also appeared on the screen. 2nd one had several dead pixels & 2 light spots on top of screen that looked like 2 tiny stars & had a loud grinding type sound... Now picture is very clear, but these cheap projectors have issues...


how can I turn on bluetooth and wifi in the VIVIBRIGHT F30 LCD projector. The specification says that the LCD VIVIBRIGHT F30 has bluetooth and wifi options

Arindam Debnath

What is the difference between F30 and F40??