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Anil Ratna Tuladhar

Seems like a Chinese version. How did you install you tube?

Zahed Kazi

Sir can you tell me what do you mean by "Tell seller to adjust price",

I am looking to place my first order on Banggood want to order a budget projector.

My max projection would be 65 inches, and do you recommend buying a white screen for projection???
Also considering the option of Touyinger X20 on AliExpress, you think I should get it?


Very nice and sharp picture, I just order the h2 and it come with 2 3d glasses, can't wait try it out with my 110 inch screen, I build it myself too with pvc fabric and I painted with sherwin Williams extra White paint.

kaiman lee

Amazing! What is the screen size and how close were you before you started to see the pixels?