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Vimal V

Do you have the best picture settings for this projector

Ste Campbell

Great review but really confused. How do I find the international version over the Chinese version that seems to be everywhere. Is there a model number I should be looking for as nobody else has mentioned a new international version of the Xiaomi UST Projector...

Felipe Ferreira

Have some version with 4K native of Xiaomi Mi?


A few questions for you:

1) Does Google assistant work when the "screen" is off? Like, as a Google assistant speaker? Is there an option for this?
2) How is the lag with Android TV? Does it run well?
3) Does this have Chromecast built in?
4) How is the input lag when gaming?
5) Does this do 4K?

Sorry if you covered any of this in the review.


I do have the xiaomi laser projector and its MIUI is in chinese...do you or someone know how to change it to android tv?