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Jafé Ribeiro Figueirêdo Filho

ALL the back is made of metal? But the anthems...?

Raaven Stark

Ok i will buy it, he is very good, better than my actual phone. I find it for 140€ on Gearbest... i have nothing to loose.

world of confusion

lenovo p2 5100 mah get 19 hours on screen

supria ahmed

This phone is awesome bettery life sound all feature good


5000mAh Battery? not only 4130 the highest? or i am wrong about it?


Can’t wait to buy it actually I’m not being sarcastic

ugandan way

can it last more than a year without a problem? my phone now is garbage I have LGK5 one year it has a ghost touchscreen, whenever I touch something it goes rouge touching everything and the left screen is not responding I can't type number one and letter kyu. ( I am using it right now) sometimes the problem will gone for hour and after that it will rouge again. I want a phone sir that last long. ty for the review I am planning to buy this, a budget phone.

DreadLox Bajan

You look like an iphone x hhahaahahahah

Tim mi

What geographic region has this 6750 cpu?
All other reviews talk of a snapdragon 425 or 430 octacore processor.

Mukarram Khan

really appreciate your effort and thats why Tumbs up for you.

Ob Servant
Thanks for the review. I think asus zenfone 4 max is the phone that could fulfill all my wishes for a smartphone.It has 3 slots, 2 for SIM and 1 for micro sd, big battery 5000 mah, metal body.Many reviews of the battery cause me to doubt if I should choose asus. People say the battery despite 5000 mah. does not have a long life. In addition, they say it takes forever to charge it. You who have asus zenfone 4 max I want to hear about what is your experience with the battery on this asus.I do not use… Read more »

Mă bucur să văd români ce faci videouri.in engleză. Dețin si eu acest telefon, recomand. Il am de cand s-a lansat si merge ca prima data./ i have this phone for 4 months and he work great.

Adelbert Banaag

Can you help me decide which phone to get for gaming Asus Zenfone 4 Max Plus or Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X. Thank you.

Green Phoenix

Alex! Can you decide for me should i buy vivo y53 or this

kelly mclean

6:35 what did he recommend? His accent is very thick.