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i love you and your videos but the moment i heard 260-300$ i rewatched it 2 more times just to be sure i heard the numbers right then i just closed the video my old computer was 300$ and its still runs some games very smoothly its a fking case not a spaceship holy shit

Bass treble

I consider myself an average adult wihh normal taste, but I seriously believe this case is targeted towards kids with rich parents...


Have you reviewed the be quite limited edition case? or plan on reviewing the new LG Ultrawide 1ms 38inch 5k gaming monitor once it comes out next month?


Do like the case, just... does it come with a Disclaimer regarding Spine Injuries? or does it come with a forklift coupon?


Where do you buy your pc components, because i also live in the netherlands and wanted to know what is a good place to buy.

Morris Givskov

i like the case but its a little too much for me , but overall great review XD


Beautiful case reviewed by Beautiful lady ... 🙂

RoNNie The Gamer

This case was really amazing and the RGB infront of it looks nice and i also loved the corsair new launched dominator . And nice review Techtesters love you guys. keep it up.

Jose Alberto Velasquez

wow this case is beautiful, but how much will it cost ???

Amir Zharif

This case still haven't got in stock at my country, so slow. And it really disappoints me when the price used to be $279 at release now become $300. At this point I'm really starting to consider buying other case, maybe Phanteks P600S or Cooler Master H500M.

jose lucas

This case must have been called godzilla, it's a monster! and how well you mention if you have the money and you can buy it. Good video as always.