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Mohamed Adan

Love your video's. Straight to the point and easy to understand

scott it' all ok

Great video 👍👍👍👍
Looks great 👊👊👊👊
🗣 TT Technology

Jeton Ademaj

if the ROG 2 has ipx67 and us bands 12 and 71, I'll probably ignore a lack of 5g and upgrade.

Tyrone Cummins

Yes yes I will buy the Rog phone 2 and hope it's comes with a suit case like the last one


Hope it's not as faulty as the Asus zenfone 5z was

DJ A-JUICE Power Source Pro.

Good review Asus makes good phones...

Tim Windsor

Thanks TT. Way it's going I'm gonna need a new phone. My battery has expanded in my current phone separating the back from the case. The battery has my otterbox bulging so ordered a new battery. Verizon said it is out of warranty and that I can't exchange the battery. Well I will be changing the battery. Lol. Keep the info coming. Hope you enjoy your day

A Gregg

This one looks amazing...I will have to look at this more closely. Thanks for the information TT

Mohamed Adan

ROG: We made a phone that has 30 watt charging, 120 hertz display and a 4,500 milliamp battery.

One Plus: Really nigga


People: OnePlus 7 pro 90 hrz is amazing

ROG: hold my beer 120 hrz

Bigby Wolf

Dude i left chatting with my girlfriend for this!


The Damned Bezels Are Not That Bad Or Large...It's So Bloody Annoying How People In General Over Exaggerate...Now That This Absolutely Amazing Device Is Out...The Display Is 6.6 Inches...


Official TENNA spec sheet
Sd 855 plus @ 2.97ghz
12 gb ram
Under display fingerprint sensor
120hz fhd amoled with wide color gamut support.
5800mah battery with 30watts charging...

Mohammed Ali

Stop watching the video after you said it will only come with 256GB with no expandable storage = NO THANKS I WILL NOT CONSIDER IT

Todd Shavez

Baybe next year i will upgrade my Razer phone 2 with a rog phone 3, but for now i have all i need, ip 67, great speaker, 120hrz display and buttery smooth gaming.

Go Raid

I hope ROG Phone 2 is cheaper than OnePlus 7 Pro and better

Jamil Johnson

This a upgrade over the first gen 1 price no longer a issue day 1.


Good another Rog phone that I will totally miss because asus or Verizon won't let used on there network...


So the option of 120hz wont be available manually like the razer phone?

Your local smg sniper

im fine with my razer 2
also have a 120hz


If only they would stop making their products look like fucking Transformers toys!

New2Brother YT

Thank you god for giving me non vital organs for a reason


please give me a phone i do not have a phone only pc

RyuJin Savaiga

How much it cost is it out now in Uk store?