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Is there a notification LED? It looks like it

Lane Walker

Hey would there be a Zenfone 6z or a more expensive Zenfone 6 with an Amoled display?

Adam F

Nice concise overview thanks. Apart from being really tall, this phone is approaching perfection for me (on paper at least).

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

Asus finally made a phone I would consider.


For $400 it would break the internet, for $6something my friend that wants to upgrade from his S5 but only likes Samsung, wouldn't even think about it.


Can you say a bit more about the sound and speakers? You mentioned stereo speakers. I was a ZTE Axon 7 user, then switched to Pixel XL 2 but a bit disappointed with the sound. I miss the sound quality of the Axon 7 and have been waiting for something to replace it...

Viyus Avery

What do you mean by IPS "only" how is mature technology a compromise?


An IPS Panel is A Loot Better for Permanent Looking on it.

Steven James DeBlasi

Looks amazing. But I wish it had an OLED display. I'm okay with Full HD, but OLED is so much better than IPS LCD.