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Oznerol Nosrac


Review The Cheapest

The price range is similar to the Oneplus 7. How is Asus planning to beat the flagship killer?

sherri moquin

You always got great videos for phones so keep it up

Curtis C

How is this a review if you don't have the phone in hand? Just a lot of pics that are already available elsewhere from leaks... Just curious what your definition of 'review' is

Anna Tria

The animations you put in your texts are not necessary. Informative video regardless.

Tikboy08 azodnem

Sorry it will have a fckng flip camera -_- and i hate it

Cory Cunningham

It's not a slider man it has a flip camera mechanism and in order to review something usually have to have the phone in hand so how is this a review? it's just a bunch of leaks!