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sunny patel

For 100$/€ more, you get more bright HDR10 Display, 5000mah battery, MicroSD slot, which is more than enough for me to know the real winner.

thomas tierce

pixel 3a has a better defining picture with stability while the zenfone 6 has more enhancement ,but that's just my opinion .

Mauricio salazar rosas

Asus have better HDR... pixel overexposed the shadows always...

Mauricio salazar rosas

No explains what HDR use on the zenfone ( HDR+ or HDR++ or Night Mode )...


Video footage is WAY too saturated. Jesus christ! Same with the front facing cam but not quite as bad.

Otherwise it would be great, instead it's just good.

Eavenhascht Krauger

Please do a review of SHARP aquos R3 with 120HZ IGZO display

Umar K

Could we have a physical size comparison please? How big is the Asus compared to other phones?

Amran Ibrahim Rashidi

Please compare Asus Zenfone 6 with Honor 20 Pro. Thanks...

sourabh shankar

Am I the only one who is seeing ur face for the first time?🤔🤔🤔


Some photos are a clear cut win for the Pixel 3a but it is a smartphone that has made that it's priority and is the undisputed number 1 in that department. The fact that Asus rivals with it and offers much more as a bundle makes it a better choice for me. Will wait to buy it at the end of the year, because it want the higher specs one and hope it'll be a little cheaper.

Gentle Yo

Asus we need a pro version with amoled and triple camera setup

Ravinder S

Not even in a comparison. Pixel beats
Zen phone hands down.

Yass Boh

pixel 3a close to real life...zenfone colors look fakes!

abdullah abdulaziz

Contrary to a common belief 1080p is better than 4k
Also zenfone just increase the saturation and that look terrible