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Vince DC

thanks for your take on this phone
i love your reviews because you don't pull punches on a device's flaws and everything gets put in perspective vs competing devices too
just what i want to know when i'm checking out possible new toys
keep up the great work


What do you think of the Xperia M4 Aqua? For gaming? Example Fifa 16?


Hello, do you recommend the vkworld t5 or bluboo picasso? please i need your help

Rvyn Felisilda

Its not pegasus... that is Zenfone 3 Max!


Thanks, nice review. I like this phone. (I currently own the zen 2 laser ze500kl). And what about the impressive battery (4100 mah!) ? Does it really last that long??


Ебаный в рот!!! Когда ты уже говорить научишься? Ну это ж пиздец просто — открываешь обзор, а там автослесарь пиздет на квадратном языке.

John Edward Estrella

is Asus Zenfone 3 max much better than this? It's almost the same

Mahmoud Ismael

Hello My friend, Thank you for the nice review.
I bought this Phone, do you have any Idea how to find a custom ROM because the Asus ZEN Software is really Garbage and Junk exactly as you said...

KenKen T.

No quiero ver tu puta cara, quiero ver el teléfono.

Renz Anoche

Which would you prefer? Zenfone 3 max or zenfone pegasus 3? Beacause I'm planning to buy an new phone. Thank you for your kind reaction


nice video man , can you help me ? i was thinking of buying this phone , or the zenfone 2 4g ram , or samsung galaxy j7 which is better? thankss

Geeky Stuff

Nice professional looking review! what camera do you use to record your video?


Just wondering if you can read attached documents from e-mails on this phone?  Much appreciate your quick response.   Thanks.

Silent Killer a.k.a Lucifer

Nice review, thanks 😉
Did you get the phone from GearBest or from other page? Did i noticed right that in the review you used the 2GB RAM 16GB ROM version? I'm looking arround for a new phone, and i'm a little bit affraid about the gapps. i found a few guys on XDA they says they don't have the google apps preinstalled, so they don't have google play as well. I want the 3GB RAM 32GB ROM version.

Muskoka Mike

Dude, I'm trying to find a decent phone in my price range and your videos are immensely helpful...clear concise informative...

Best reviewer on youtube if you ask me!

One concern I have with this: the non-removable battery/back...is that a major issue? I know I've never had to replace a battery but you never know right?

Rudy Hermanda Gurning

Bro, can we use VR on this phone?
If yes, could you Make some review about playin VR game on this phone pls

Yawar Quddus

please also tel me which phone is perfect almost???


the version with 3g ram and 32g or another phone under 150€(im french) with the thing at the back for the finger... (min 5,2 inches)

Angie Vu

well I just brought it yes and so far luv its!!!!

Riksi Harris Yulianto

nice review... can I look the version of framework, because pegasus 3 have many version... and I will choose the best for my Pegasus